The important principles of  this  Mech Project on Automatic Temparature Control of Vaccum Brazing Furnace by using PLC  is  to  manage and monitors the temperature constantly of  the  two  zones  in  braze  components  and vacuum brazing  furnace  with the help of chemicals for  the  particular job.

Brazing alloys make use of gas turbines components and aerospace applications which consist of nickel like the base material. Nickel has the largest affinity for oxygen.

The proportional plus integral plus derivative (PID) controller manages the vacuum and temperature and values are completed with the help of PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER) with ladder diagram programming.

The program is fetched into the programmer-UP25. The PLC includes easy installation, operation, trouble shooting, and exact outputs are achieved. Vacuum brazing furnace is made for brazing the metals in clean situations. The oxidation is ignored and strength of braze is achieved. Therefore the surface cleaning is not needed. The furnace is designed to obtain the maximum temperature of 1350deg C and vacuum level of 5*10power -6.

The instruments are used depending on mechanical motions like leakages, fluctuations, and strength. The modern instruments enhances product quality, increases rate of production, decreases the costs of breakdowns and maintenance, optimize functioning conditions and accuracy, and needs less space. The applications of the instrument aerospace applications, gas turbines, measurement of flow, power production, brazing tips, shrouts, flow nozzles, and gas liners.


It is concluded that the vacuum furnace is greater than inert gas managed by furnace like oxygen is found to obtain braze and strength. The furnace includes three phases. They are creation of vacuum, heat treatment, and cooling.

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