There are many accidents happening with the four wheeler vehicles which are incrementing in our day to day life. The major reason behind such deadly accidents is the cell phone.

When driver utilizes his cell phone while driving, it changes his mind. To get rid of this issue, here we present a new kind of holder of mobile phone which climb the mobile phone and one can need not hold the mobile in hand.

The important approach of this Design of Mobile Phone Holder for Automobile Steering Wheel project is to keep the mobile on the stand on the steering since steering is the placed nearer to the face of driver while driving. Hence the driver is able to attend the call by using loudspeaker mode and without picking the mobile the driver is able to response to the call.

During the manufacturing of this mobile phone holder, there are few limitations such as steering wheel is the rotating component on which the mobile phone holder is joined and as it rotates, the holder also rotates which causes drop out of the phone. To overcome this problem, we have used the concept of bearing and to obtain this concept, stabilization of the inner race of the bearing is compulsory.


It is very clear from the description that design of mobile holder is very essential part of research that solves various issues with the demand of the customer. Hence to get the solution for these problems, we have accepted to prosper new kind of the mobile phone holder that is climbed on the steering in the vehicle.

download Mech Major Project on Design of Mobile Phone Holder for Automobile Steering Wheel