MBA HR Project – Job Description Job Roles and Responsibilities Of Employees

Job Description Job Roles and Responsibilities of Employees at Maa Telivision Network Abstract:

JOB ROLES are the roles have to be handled by employees of different designations in the departments. It defines what the employees of a particular designation has to do. The purpose of Job Roles is create and maintain a standard job roles template to all the employees of the particular designation in the department and to make them prior aware what they need to do in the job and what are their roles and responsibilities 


•    To  study the Job Descriptions-Roles And Responsibilities of the employees
•    To know the various departments in the organization
•    To provide Job Roles and Responsibilities to the employees


•    The scope of the study covers employees of various departments in order to understand their designations
•    As MAA TV, is an organization with huge presence in service sector, the job Roles gives the better understanding of the employees
•    The scope also helps to find the expectations of the job roles for the employees


•    The study has been covered on the following steps

DATA COLLECTION: The data has been collected from two main sources

•    Primary  Source
•    Secondary Source


Through the employees of the organization by collecting directly by face to face


Through various records and published data of MAA TV
Through the books on Job Description
Through web sites of the Job Description

Limitations Of The Study

1)    Could not cover all employees with particular designation
2)    Some of the employees had a problem communicating their exact roles and responsibilities
3)    Study was limited to only few employees in a particular department.

Download MBA HR Project – Job Description Job Roles and Responsibilities Of Employees.

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