MBA Banking Project Report on Study on Home Loans of ICICI Bank

Limitations of study:

PROJECT REPORT ON STUDY ON HOME LOANS OF ICICI BANK•    The MBA Banking Project Report on Study on Home Loans of ICICI Bank study was restricted in understanding the home loan as concept so the practical implications of the study have been difficult.

•    The innovative features of the various HFIs as part of their home loan schemes but is not a comprehensive study of their home loan schemes.

•    The Take Over home loans of high interest rate for low interest rates and their inherent risks on the bank’s lending profile has not been undertaken in the study.

•    The mortgage home loans and its scope on the home loan lending portfolio were not studied as this would lead into a relatively new kind of home loan segment.


1. The home loan segment can be extended to the lucrative NRI segment; this would provide the bank a cutting edge and larger share of the home loan market.

2. The bank can provide the benefits like SMS alert and other features so as to make the home loans more attractive.

3. The bank can contemplate on decentralizing the operations however taking into consideration the experience and expertise of the members at Loan Department enters.

Scope of study:

•    The study covers a period of five years from 2003 to 2008. There are several reasons for selecting this period.
•    During the past 5 years the Bank has gone global as a result the company has witnessed many economic and political changes.
•    Company has undergone rapid changes in the past 5 years due to many policy decisions relating to capital markets, banking sector & licensing policy.
•    The study is limited to only ICICI Bank This study is mainly related to the individuals who are interested in taking home loans from banks to fulfill their dreams.
•    The study is mainly related to all the loans provided by ICICI bank only.        


•    the study was mainly conducted to understand the concept of home loan scheme and the eligibility criteria of the customers.

•    The study is done to understand the documents involved in the home loan scheme and the repayment methodology adopted by various banks and the HFC‘s (Housing Finance Corporations).

•    The innovative home loan schemes and the risk capturing mechanism adopted by the HFIs and the future of the home loan segment has been undertaken as a part of this study

Download MBA Banking Project Report on Study on Home Loans, Vehicle Loans & Personal Loans of ICICI Bank

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  1. very havegiven comprehensive picture.i want statisticalinformation about the topic if possible for mba project.only for acadamic purpose.thank you regards.mathangi.

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