This project EPROM Based Smart Prepaid Energy Meter with Auto cut Off on No Balance ECE Project brings in the innovative concept of prepaid electricity.Advancements in technology have been on the upsurge since a decade. So many additions in technologies have been witnessed by the electrical department. Electricity bills can be now paved with the press of a button on your computer, E-seva centers and ATMs.

eprom-based-smart-prepaid-energy-meter-with-autocut-off-on-no-balance-ece-project  To implement the project EEPROM BASED SMART PREPAID ENERGY METER WITH AUTOCUT OFF ON NO BALANCE ECE Project, the consumer has to buy an EPROM recharge card and fit in the prepaid energy meter kit. Once the card is fitted, the user should press the recharge button which will load the system as per the value of the recharge card. An LCD is used to read the units value. For every 1000 units, 1 unit is subtracted from EEPROM.

The count and unit values are stored in the EEPROM and data is not lost even when there is power failure. Once the recharged units become zero, the system generates continuous beep sound and current becomes zero. For reusing the system, a new recharge card has to be fitted. On completion of recharge, the current supply starts again.


This project EEPROM based smart prepaid energy meter with auto cut is the finest solution for consumers to determine how much power is consumed but them on a day-to-day basis and enables him to control his power usage. The system described here again consists of a regulated power supply of 5 V for the microcontroller as well as the recharging unit which is obtained after stepping it down from a transformer. The ADC unit requires a voltage of 18 V for the load. This is again coordinated with the help of a transformer.

Download EPROM Based Smart Prepaid Energy Meter with Auto cut Off on No Balance ECE Project.