Encryption Algorithm Project Source Code in C#.Net

Encryption algorithm project is implemented in C# .net platform. Main aim of this project is to develop a application which can convert given information in to encrypted format using different available algorithms and it also converts encrypted data to decryption format using public decryption key. In this project we use triple DES algorithm, AES algorithm, RC4 algorithm.

 Encryption is important in wireless and wired communication systems. In every system before transmitting information data is converted to encrypted format for providing security form hacking. Secured information like bank account details, credit card details need to be protected with high security encryption techniques.

Mostly in wireless communication system packets can be easily hacked in order to provide secured services wireless communications systems are protected with best encryption techniques.  In this project we develop a application in which users can encrypt and decryption data in different available techniques. 


Encryption algorithm project report explains in detail about this project with screen shots data flow diagrams and user case diagrams. 

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