Database Enterprise Manager Final Year Project Report

Database enterprise manager project is implemented in Asp.Net web technologies and C#.Net programming language. Main aim of this project is to develop a user interface for managing SQL server functionalities. This application provides interface between low level data that is stored in database tables and organize that data using a front end graphical user interface. Using this front end users can execute queries and perform all functionalities that are executed on database. 

Database requires large amount of space for storing data and data should be moved from hard disk to main memory.  Main functionality of this application is to provide better performance in storing raw data. Database manger must translate DML language to low level file system commands for every operation from adding, deleting, modifying …etc performed from interface. 

Data flow is explained in ER diagrams and software development life cycle diagrams.

This application is implemented in four modules establishing connection, creating database, database manipulation, query processing. 

Here we provide entire project report for free download. Students can also download database enterprise manager project source code from Database Enterprise Manager Project Source code

Download Database Enterprise Manager Project Report.

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