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Blood Bank Management System Project in VB

November 8, 2012

The project BLOOD BANK MANAGEMENT  is known to be a pilot project that is designed for the blood bank that is going to be built in the city recently. According to the planning of the management this blood bank is going to operate from the very next month. They planned to gather the blood from various sources and distribute it to the needy people who have high requirements for it. A high quality software is required badly to manage all these cumbersome jobs.

This software is designed to handle the daily transactions of the blood bank. It also helps to register the details of the donors, blood collection details as well as the blood issued reports. The operation of the blood bank still now is a maintained in the manual system and therefor this project aims to make all the procedures automated. A blood bank needs to maintain almost hundred of records every day and therefore with computer system it can become more fast and accurate. It will also enable to search the details when required.

This software application is designed in such a manner that it can suit the needs of all the blood bank requirements in the course of the future. All efforts a possible is taken to implement this project properly in this blood bank. After the success we will also target other blood banks if the city.

For handling the needs of the blood banks this project has some of the modules which include the details of:


Blood bank


Blood collection



Blood issued



Stock details

To provide daily utilities are the main focus of this document. It also helps to store transactions in the electronic system which saves a lot of energy, time and money. This project is designed for one of the most reputed construction company in this city.

Download Blood Bank Management System Project in VB .

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12 Comments to "Blood Bank Management System Project in VB"

  1. Praveen kumar wrote:

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls update blood bank management system’s source code in VB 6.0 and SQL

  2. sherin wrote:

    pls send me some ces mini projects it should be different topics pls……….

  3. sherin wrote:

    pls send me some cse mini projects it should be different topics pls……….

  4. prashant gite wrote:

    please send me the srs and source code for blood bank management system

  5. Praveen wrote:

    Please send me the source code for blood bank management system in VB….

  6. shravya wrote:

    We have started our project on blood bank management system but facing lot of difficulties so pleeeees send me d source code for d same plees plees plees

  7. marimuthu wrote:

    plese blood bank system design and source code send me…

  8. abarna wrote:

    pls send me abstract for mini project in blood bank management system

  9. vinutha wrote:

    pls pls pls …………….update post office management system project in asp.net

  10. cypboy wrote:

    plz send me this project on my email. i will be thankfull. cybalyoz@outlook.com

  11. divya wrote:

    pls send for blood bank management system mini projrct coding use for vb and sql.

  12. sana wrote:

    please do send me all the details related to the topic blood bank management system. i’m planning to make a mini project on that.

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