Algorithm for Implementing Power Management

Step1: By means of destination the Route Reply packet is transmitted, if once the route is recognized and the process of Route Request is completed. 

Step2: The distance between destination and itself is determined in the chosen path by the immediate previous node, through the time taken to reach destination by the help of Route Reply packet. 

Step3: The distance among each node is found out and is placed in cache, if similar procedure is followed by each and every node available in the chosen path. 

Step4: By making use of following formula shown below, the transmitted power is determined.

Transmitted Power = (a x d4) +c (1)

Where ‘c’ and ‘a’ are arbitrary constants and ‘d’ is defined as the distance between two adjacent nodes

a=Pr*k (2)

Assume k =8, and

Pr (Minimum Received power) =-91dbm then find c

a = 6.48 x 10-11 and c = 30 x 10-3 W 

Step5: Depending on distance, the transmitted power is differed.

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