Hospital Management System Project Synopsis

This Hospital Management System package is used to automate all the activities of the Hospital. It includes all features which are regularly used in the Hospitals and also it provides with more features like  query based reporting system, reports maintained for Administrative purposes.

The main modules in this system are:

  1. Administration
  2. Accounts
  3. Reception
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Stores
  6. Enquiries

The important tasks of each module are as follows.


This is the main module of the entire Hospital Management System software. Any important classification of data has to be started from here. If any new Service has to be added then it has to be done from this module. Basically all main data which ever is required has to be entered from this module. Employee Appointment, Resignation, Visiting Doctor appointment, Attendance of all the staff, Lab and Ward service information,etc.

The user in the module can access any information requiring be changing or viewing. The reports that are generated will be for the support of the management.


All the financial accounting required in the hospital is managed and maintained using this module. Bill or any transaction information relating to financial terms will be updated to the database and will be accessed in this module for entry in the respective ledgers or records so as to produce a report on all the transactions that take place in the hospital.

Query based reports are available to retrieve based on the selection of the user requirements such as  Reports having the details of how much money is spent on procuring medicines to pharmacy for a period of any duration, etc.


This module is used to enter the details of the patients who come in as Out Patient(OP) and based on the information of the doctor they will be admitted as In Patient(IP). Once the patient registers as OP a number will be given to the patient based on the  treatment required and availability of the respective doctor. Once the patient registers and the time allocated for visiting doctor then the process of diagnosis starts.


This module will help the doctor to update the patient diagnosis information in the case sheet of the patient. It also helps to keep track  of the patient medication process to update the condition  of the patient by verifying past cases, if any.

Ringtone Composition Application

This Ringtone Composition desktop application shall allow the user to compose the ring tones from the set of configured loops.  The generated loop sets [ringtones] would be played with external audio players.

The Ringtone Composition application has the following configurations.

  1. Configure the set of loops and association of attributes.
  2. Manage Loop Sets [ring tones]
  3. Search ring tones

Details are below:

Configure the set of loops and association of attributes:

This screen has the following features.

  1. Show the existing loops in tabular format. Columns like Loop name, Size, Play link, edit loop, delete loop and etc.
  2. Upload loops: This section have upload loop field, name field & save button.
  3. Edit loops: This section have upload loop field, name field & save button.
  4. Delete loops: By using this option the system shall allow the user to delete the loops.
  5. Mapping the attributes to the selected loop. Like name, size and etc.
  6. Play the selected loop.

Manage ring tones:

This screen has the following features.

  1. Show the existing ring tones
  2. Create/Edit the loop set by selecting the loops
  3. Generate the digital wave file from for the selected loop set
  4. Generate the chord sequence number for the selected loop set
  5. Generate the single audio stream for the selected chord sequence number.
  6. Composition the digital audio file.

Search ring tones:

This screen has the following features.

  1. The system shall allow the user to search on chord sequence and display the ring tones.
  2. If there are no search criteria, the system will display all existing ring tones.


The following tables are required to implement the Ringtone Composition Application.

1. Users: For storing Login user information. Fields are listed below.

  • UserID
  • UserName
  • Password
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • CreatedBy
  • CreatedDate
  • UpdatedBy
  • UpdatedDate

2. LoopMaster: For storing Loop information and attributes. Fields are listed below.

  • LoopID
  • LoopName
  • LoopDescription
  • LoopPath
  • LoopExtension
  • LoopSize
  • CreatedBy
  • CreatedDate
  • UpdatedBy
  • UpdatedDate

3. LoopsetMaster: For storing Loop set information and attributes. Fields are listed below.

  • LoopsetID
  • LoopsetName
  • LoopsetDescription
  • CreatedBy
  • CreatedDate
  • UpdatedBy
  • UpdatedDate

4. LoopsetDetails: For storing loops information for each loop set. Fields are listed below.

  • LoopsetDetailsID
  • LoopID : Reference Key
  • LoopsetID: Reference Key
  • CreatedBy
  • CreatedDate
  • UpdatedBy
  • UpdatedDate

5. RingtoneMaster: For storing ring tone information. Fields are listed below.

  • RingtoneID
  • ChroneSeqNumber
  • LoopsetID: Reference Key
  • RingtoneName
  • RingtoneDescription
  • RingtonePath
  • RingtoneExtension
  • RingtoneSize
  • CreatedBy
  • CreatedDate
  • UpdatedBy
  • UpdatedDate

Mini Projects Abstracts on Java and PHP

The below mini Projects which are developed using java and php technologies.

School Management System:

This is school management system project which is developed using  php on CodeIgniter framework. But it is not for only the single school or college to manage. We can add multiple schools or institutions and they will be provided the proper login credentials and they can add Management, Teachers, Students, Parents and library inventory as well.

Multi Messaging Service Encryption:

This project is a java based server-client architecture within local area network LAN. The user will be created at server application and then on the client can login through the client application. The client can send video/audio and text images to some other client by encrypting them by using some encryption algorithms. And when the receiver client will receive the file it will be decrypted on the receiver end and then the files can be opened or text can be read.

College Management System:

It is an java based Windows/ Desktop application. This Project has feature of admin panel that the admin can register a new student, can update the existing user, can promote student to higher classes. And admin can manage the monthly fee of the student and then the admin can print the receipt using the printer.

Blood Bank Management System:

It is management of the blood donor that if some donor is donating the blood and it will be managed into the inventory that which kind of blood is it like A+, A- and all. And when the user want to search the inventory whether this kind of blood is available at blood bank or not he can check into his inventory. And can purchase from the blood bank once he purchased the inventory will be maintained again . this is an website on php.

E- Student Management System:

It is completely management of Student, Teacher from the admin panel. This is website with the admin panel. Admin can add the new class. Within the class he can register new student. Admin can also manage library. Admin can also add teachers. And can edit or delete them. And these things will be displayed on the website. It is completely dynamic website with highly features. This project is on PHP technology having use of CodeIgniter framework.

Online Bakery Shop:

This is an E-commerce Website for selling the online cake. User can visit on the website and can search for the desired cake by their category and then he can add into the cart and proceed to checkout.This project is on php technology having use of CodeIgniter framework.

Employee Break Tracking System:

It is a java based system which will help the employer to find out the total as well as split up of break time taken by the employees. The report will be exported on to an excel file or it can displayed in a common console.

Automatic Backup of files to Network Drive:

It is a java based application which will be used to back up the files automatically onto a network drive. The backup can be scheduled.

Active Directory Users Management:

It is a PHP application which is used to get the last logon time of all the active directory users and will be savedin MySql database. Then from the MySql, reports will be generated and shown in the GUI.

Common Repository of Linux Syslogs:

It is a PHP application which is used to get the Linux sys logs onto a common location and it will be saved in the database. On request, report will be generated and shown in the GUI.

ATM Management System:

It is a java based system for ATM. It will have all the features like withdrawal, deposit, balance summary. User management system is also part of this.

Local Business Search Engine Synopsis

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Results Through Emails Java Project


  • Introduction
  • Existing system and proposed system
  • Software components
  • Hardware components
  • Advantages

Results Through Emails (Entasi free)

The word entasi came from Greek origin which means tension and the name of the website gives the meaning tension free. The idea of this Results Through Emails website entasi free came into existence due to the problem faced by the students during the time of results. Generally, all the students face the problem in checking their results as soon as they are kept on portal.

Because the server gets bulk login requests and it just breaks down. The one click solution to this problem is our website entasi free which enables the students to get the results through email. Here the email id’s of the students are linked with the website as soon as the administrator logins and submit the details the mails are sent to the respective email id’s.

Existing System

Results are checked in the Results Through Emails website which is a very time consuming process.

Proposed System

Make the way easy application where results are directly send to the students mail id with out wasting time.


  • We use HTML(hyper text markup language) in order to create the web pages
  • And these web pages linked using the code written in java
  • We use my SQL database in order to store the data like student roll numbers, email-id’s and results


  • The hardware components used in order to create the website are as follows
  •  computer with 2GB RAM
  • Internet
  • External hard drives and DVD’s for backup
  • And a server computer



The admin of the website logins into the website and after authentication he will go with updating the database with new results. After the process of altering the database and updating it the admin further proceeds in sending the results to the students through e-mails.

Description About The User Actions

The user just registers into the website by giving his mail id and later on there is no direct interaction of the user with the website. The results are directly sent to their mail-id’s and then the students login into their mail-id’s and check the results and send the feedback.

Sequence diagram when student is checking the result


User(student) registers into the website by giving his mail-id admin verifies the user and validate his account. Admin then send them results through mails.

Sequence Model


The admin logins and authenticates then the db class verifies the user and grants the permission to access it. Later, he can alter and update the results and send them to students through mails.


This website can be used by the universities in order to release the semester results.



Student’s registration form

Sending An Email: