Activity Control System Java Project Abstract

The four main activates when working with Activity Control System are Registration of time expenses Task, Project and Customer Management Reporting System Administration.

The five main activities when working with Activity Control System are:

• Registration of time expenses
• Task, project, and customer management
• Reporting
• System administration


We developed a final year project called Activity Control System. By this proposed system we could maintain the records by using Database. Where we had all the details of Customers, Projects and Tasks. Here we can generate reports, bills.

Activity Control System is time collection software that is streamlined for billing and invoicing purposes. Activity Control System allows time tracking for customer and project related tasks. After being collected the data can then be exported for invoice generation.

The proposed four main activities when working the Activity Control System are Registration of time expenses, Task, project and Customer Management, Reporting System Administration.

Software Requirements

Operating System : Windows XP
User Interface : HTML, CSS
Programming Language : Java
Web Applications : JDBC, Servlets, JSP
Database : Oracle/Access
Server Deployment : Tomcat

Hardware Requirements

Processor : Pentium IV
Hard Disk : 1600GB
RAM : 512MB or more

A Project Report on Online Score System

Team Information

The administrator Can Add/Update the teams With the details and the user can view the overall information of the

  • the team detail module allows the user to browser The details of the team profile and management.
  • Team module allows user to browse different teams
  • where only one team can be selected at a time and get the detail
  • when selected on a particular team.

This module gives the detail of team such as team logo, team name, team information, team captain, address, contact no show match details

Player Details

this will come under team information which gives the basic details about the players.

  • allow the user to have a glimpse of the player’s profile.
  • it give the personal details of a player with their batting style, bowling style and his position in the team along with their achievements

Batting Performance

  • It gives the batsman profile, statistic, and summary of his batting performance in his current and previous matches that he had played.

Bowling Performance

  • It gives the bowling profile, statistics, and summary of his bowling performance in his current and previous matches that he had played.


  • This module gives the summary that was played.
  • It also gives the overall detailed result of that particular match that was played.
  • Detail such as scores scored by both the teams Over’s completed, loss of wickets.


it shows the best captured moments, pictures, video etc… That was taken during the course of the matches.

  • It will dynamic.
  • Here the photo is uploaded which was clicked/recorded by the fans during the matches.
  • The user cannot upload the image here due to censorship issues.
  • Instead, the user is supposed to e-mail the image to admin and then admin uploads it to the website.


The administrator is allowed to access all the services in the system. The main objective of the administrator is to add/update the summary of the matches and also to add/update the schedules of the matches.


These users will get the full access of the website but they cannot do any changes on the Online Score System website, they can enjoy the services provides by the administrator.

Data Dictionary


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. username Varchar 20 Null
3. password Varchar 20 Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. team_name Varchar 20 Null
3. team_logo Varchar 30 Null
4. captain_name Varchar 20 Null
5. Captain_photo Varchar 30 Null
6. Villege Varchar 20 Null
7. Contact Varchar 10 Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. Player_name Varchar 20 Null
3. Player_photo Varchar 30 Null
4. taem_name Varchar 20 Null
5. age int 2 Null
6. dob date Null
7. Contact Varchar 10 Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. match_no Varchar 20 Null
3. Player_name Varchar 20 Null
4. Team_logo Varchar 30 Null
5. Innings Varchar 10 null
6. run Int 3 Null
7. Ball Int 3 null
8. four Int 3 Null
9. six Int 3 Null
10. Wide_run Int 3 Null
11. No_run Int 3 Null
12. lage Int 3 Null
13. By_run Int 3 Null
14. St float Null
15. out_detail Varchar 30 Null
16. Bowler_name Varchar 20 Null
17. Vs_team Varchar 30 null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. Id int 3 PK
2. Team_name(a) Varchar 20 Null
3. Team_logo(a) Varchar 30 Null
4. Villege(a) Varchar 15 null
5. Team_name(b) Varchar 20 Null
6. Team_logo(b) Varchar 30 null
7. Villege(b) Varchar 15 Null
8. umpire varchar 20 Null
9. Tos Varchar 10 Null
10. Date Date Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. Player_name Varchar 20 Null
3. Team_name Varchar 20 Null
4. Match_no int 3 Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. umpire_name Varchar 20 Null
3. villege Varchar 20 Null
4. contact int 10 Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. photo Varchar 100 Null


No FieldsName DataType Size Constraint
1. id int 3 PK
2. Match_no int 20 Null
3. Team_name Varchar 20 Null
4. Bowler_name Varchar 20 Null
5. Innings Varchar 10 Null
6. Over Float Null
7. Run Int 3 Null
8. Wide_run Int 3 Null
9. No_ballrun Int 3 Null
10. Wicket Int 3 Null
11. Run_out int 3 Null
12. Echonomics Float Null
13. Vs_team Varchar 20 Null
14. Bowler_statas Varchar 20 null

Data Flow Diagrams

Level 1


Live Score Page

Team Page
Schedule Page
Result Page
About Us
Admin side Snapshot

Admin Login
Add Team Page
Add Player Page
Add Match Page
Live Update Batsmanside Page
Live Update Bowler Side Page
Add Umpire Page
Gallery Page

Sports Event Management System Java Project


The sports event management system is a project where students can find the details of various games and the information of the college where the games are being conducted. Admin will add all the collected information in the project where students can see and get register for the game.

Existing System:

In the existing Sports Event Management system, students are not able to get proper information about the games conducted in various colleges. The student needs to spend the time to get the information about the game. The student should attend the venue to get registered for the game which takes a lot of time.

Proposed System:

In the proposed Sports Event Management system student can get all the information of various games and the venue. The student can get registered from anywhere and at any time. By using this system student can save a lot of time and effort. The student can easily get the information from anywhere.



Admin will get log in with a unique username and password. Admin will add all the information of the games conducted in various colleges. Admin will send the password to the student registered email.


The user can view all the details of the games and can get registered with the selected game by entering all the details in the registration form. The user will get a confirmation password to his email.


Processor: Pentium IV
Hard Disk: 40GB or more
RAM: 512MB or more


Operating System: Windows (Any version)
User Interface : HTML, CSS
Client-side Scripting : JavaScript
Programming Language: Java
IDE/Workbench : NetBeans 8.1
Database: MySQL
Server Deployment: Tomcat 8.0


“Sports Event Management System” project which helps students to save a lot of time in searching for games being conducted in various colleges. Our project provides students to get register from anywhere and anytime.

E-Books Download PHP Project


The age of information has gone; The correct area is the Age of The Knowledge. This having knowledge would be higher resources from the society & at the same time would be earning the higher returns. But Knowledge is important to student, it is made mandatory for IT & CA  Students to work on a practical at some industrial organization & develop a comprehensive project.

Here is the detailed report on the project “E-Books Download” prepared. It is  developed on PHP & MYSQL with tables and forms. At last would only like to say that the practical education at COLLEGE has been very knowledgeable experience for us. we have tried my level best to produce the best output.


The present of this PHP Project report gives us the feeling. As the final frontier achieving a Msc IT& CA, the actively of going through industrial orientation has bridged the gap between the academics and practical and real life work for us. It has prepared us to apply ourselves to become good IT professional. Naturally, it requires lot of people support to complete this project. We take this opportunity to acknowledge their supports to us.

We are specially Thanks to “Mr. ” Director of our college to give us opportunity to develop a project.

We sincerely thank our department for the academic advancement, it has finally provide us and opportunity for project work. We thank Mr. and head of department for their support through the E-Books Download project.


Operating System: Windows XP & onwards

Technology Used:  HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP

Editor : Dreamweaver 8

Database: MySql


Activity Diagram For User

Activity Diagram For Admin

Data Flow Diagram (Dfd)
E-R Diagram
Usecase Diagram For Admin
Usecase Diagram For User

Output Screens:

DataBase Structure

  • Admin Table
  • Register table
  • BooksInfo
  • Categories
  • Feedback
  • BackGround
  • Photo

Home Page

In Home Page user can see the books photo, links related to site, last added Books, and Login Form.Home page Contains The Header And Footer That Contain The Different Link.

Registration Form

If User Want to Member then user need to fill up all the Details Which are Display in register Form.
After Fill up All The Information user Can Purchase the Books.

About Us

  • This Page Contain The Site Information like What’s Purpose,What’s Provides .
  • Contact Us
  • This Page Contain The Contact Us.


Help Related To The Site like How to Login,How To Join,How To Purchase E-Books…
If User Login Then Page Will be (User Home)

Here User see the Different Categories From Which user Can select for EBooks Purchase.
Different links are Display in this page from which user can select , like feedback , logout etc.

If User Select Categorie Then Page

  • EBooks are Display related to the selected Categories
  • User Can Purchase The EBooks by Just Clicking on the Add To Card link.
  • Author name,Publisher,edition,size of EBooks are Display In This Page.

Feed Back Form

If User Want To send feedback then user need to fill up all the Details which are Display in Feed back Form like name, E-Mail, And Comments.

Change Profile

  • Here User Can See the his profile .
  • User Can also change the profile in this page.

Change Profile Photo Form

If User Want to change His Profile Photo then Must Need To Browse New Photo in this Page.

Change user Password

  • User Can Change The ID and Password in This Page.
  • User Need To Add old ID and old Password For Changing Password.

If Admin Login Then Page Will be( Admin Home)

Different links are Display from which admin can select any option.

Edit/Delete Books

  • Admin see all the EBooks With Edit And Delete Links.
  • Title, Categorie, author, publisher, price, size of EBooks Are Also Display in This Page.

Edit / Delete Categories

  • This Page Display all The Categories With Edit and Delete Links.
  • Admin Can Delete Multiple EBooks By Selecting More EBooks.

Add Books

  • Admin Need To Fill up All the Books Information for Uploading a New Books.
  • Admin can add the EBooks through this page.

Add Categories

Admin can add/edit the categories through this page.

View User Info.

  • Admin see all the user information in this page.
  • Admin can delete the User by clicking on delete link.

View Feedback

  • Admin see the Feedback in this page.
  • Admin can delete the feedback send by user.

Change Admin Password

Admin can change the ID and Password in this page.

Change About Us.

Admin can Change The About By Using This Page.

Change Background image

Admin Can Change The Site Background By Browsing Background Image in This Page.

Change Home Page Photo.

Admin can Change The Home Page Photo in this Page.


Following EBooks were referred to during the development of the project:

  • Introduction to website development
  • Website using PHP
  • MYSQL Database Management System
  • Professional guide to JavaScript

Following Websites were referred to during the development of the project:


Following EBooks were referred to during to the development of the project:

  • Beginning PHP, Apache
  • MYSQL® Web Development
  • PHP Manual

Project Report on Study Collage for CSE

Major Project is one of the most important components in the fulfillment of any professional course conducted at any level and at any college. Each one of us would always have an advantage if we have a chance to come face to face with the tools and processes we are being taught in our course. The main purpose of this Study Collage for CSE Major project is to expose the trainees to the practical experiences of the actual industrial conditions in which they are required in future.

This Process helps us to complete our knowledge about the process of developing software.


This ‘STUDY COLLAGE for CSE’ Project is online learning site. The motive behind developing this website is to help all computer science engineering students regarding their study material.
As we all know that collecting study material at the end of the semester is very tough and makes all students restless ,so this website will definitely going to help each and every student providing syllabus,books,previous years’ question papers and many more.

This Study Collage for CSE website provides facility to download books, syllabus, question papers etc. and a good interface for finding difficult words regarding computer science called technical dictionary.



Home page contains basic information and basic links available in website. It provides options to access study related information. It contain various options in MENU bar

  1. Syllabus
  2. Books
  3. Dictionary
  4. Question papers
  5. Networking
  6. Hardware
  7. Operating system
  8. Animation


Through this option and with its sub menus we select download syllabus semester wise.


Through this menu option we can download the desired book of desired semester and subjectsof the respective semester.


It is the interface provided in the website for searching the difficult words that comes the path of study of the students.
Dictionary is the application that basically going to help a lot all the students whose going to use this website.


This module of the website contains all information regarding animation.
It contains sub parts:
• Basics of animation
• Types of animation
• Principles of animation


This module of the website contains all information regarding computer hardware and its sub parts available in the webpage are:
• Microprocessor
• Motherboard
• Hard disk
• Graphic card


Administrator holds the right to update various fields provided in the website like
• To add words in the dictionary.
• To add contents in the sub modules.
• To upload books and syllabus.
• To keep a check on feedbacks.etc.


• Login database table

• Database Table to store words of dictionary

• Database table to store feedbacks


  • More and more modules of study material can be added to the project.
  • This project can be realized for all branches of engineering, so as to make it better and suitable for institute.
  • After all sky is the limit. 


The main aim of developing this Study Collage for CSE software is to learn about practical experience in IT industry. This software is devolved to buy books online and free downloading of books online. We can develop this website for those user how do not want to waste their time and Money for buying books.


1. System Analysis & Design, Elias M. Awadh
2. .