Store Management System .Net Project


Stores Management System is a project developed to automate the processes to reduce the clerical labor of the staff working in stores both technical and as well as accounts departments.

This system uses the latest technologies and cost-effective tools thereby providing the better control to the management by avoiding manual errors.

Stores management system is a web-based manufacturing system that enables a manufacturing industry to schedule its manufacturing operations based on the daily update of sales from its dealers.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the details of the records are maintained manually. Details of the items are not maintained properly. Takes a lot of time and less security. Records are not maintained in a proper order. Loss of data may happen sometimes.

Proposed System:

The proposed system maintains the information in the database. It is used as an intranet application. This system provides high-security. This system provides easy business solutions to the users.



Admin will get login with a valid username and password. Admin can view the customer requests. Admin can add the details of the supply forms. Admin views all the customer information. Admin can add the material forms.


Customer needs to fill the registration and get a valid username and password. The customer can make a request for ordering the form. The customer can accept the request and reject the request.


Our project store management system has succeeded in managing the details and the list of materials in an easy way without taking much time.

Online Voter Database Management System

Project Title: Online Voter Database Management System

Technical Details: JSP, J2SE, JDBC and ORACLE

Description: The main aim of developing this “Online Voter Database Management System” software application is to store the details of voters of our country with all details efficiently. The voter should have completed 18 years of their age to register.

Initially, every eligible voter has to register for the approval. After successful registration, a unique id will be generated automatically and given to the applicant. Through this user can update his details later.

By using unique id one can prove his identity as a citizen of the particular country and to apply for PAN card or driving license. Govt Officials can view the whole database.

This Online Voter Database project has developed using JSP, J2SE, JDBC and ORACLE Technologies.


  • User
  • Admin

Online Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System

The Online Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System is divided into four main modules. Each and every module performs a particular work. Those 4 modules are

  1. Maintenance of user and seminar hall
  2. Booking the seminar hall
  3. Approval and Rejection by In-charge
  4. Role of Principal

Maintenance of user and seminar hall

It consists of Signup, Login and update details of the seminar halls, users. The Administrator creates a separate account for each Department, Seminar hall in-charges, other cells like placement and training, EMDC etc., and Principal.

Booking the seminar hall

Each department has the username and password to book the seminar hall for their requirement. Through this they can view the available dates of particular seminar hall and also the facilities in the hall like capacity, mic’s, projector, marker board etc., This provides user-friendly environment while booking the seminar hall it gives suggestion regarding the selection of seminar hall based on the capacity and availability. The concern department head can view the list of the request. The acceptance and rejection can be viewed by the user through that log in or even by the email id.

Approval and Rejemailon by In-charge

The role of seminar hall in-charge is to check the request came to the seminar hall. When in-charges login into their account the list of new requests are displayed in their page as shown. The request can be either accepted or rejected based on the priority of the request. If more than one request is made for the same seminar hall on the same date after granting approval to a particular request by seminar hall in-charge, the remaining requests are automatically rejected and the email is sent to the bookie and also it is notified on their page.

Module – IV: Role of Principal

The Principal can view the entire process which is happening on the website and can fetch the data from the past to present who all are used the seminar hall. In an emergency case, he can reject the accepted request and the email will be sent to the booker as well as the seminar hall in-charge by suggesting alternate seminar halls.

User Registration Form

This form contains new user Registration Fields. Admin will take the role of this process to register user details. Here all the fields are validated using JavaScript Validation.

Signup Form

Login Form
The user can enter username and password. These Fields are mandatory. Both fields are validated using PHP. Login option given separated for four types of users.

Checking Availability

To check the availability of the seminar hall by Booker

Checking the availability
Availability Details
Seminar hall Booking FormIt contains all required fields for booking seminar halls like booking date, session, Booker name, dept, etc., Here all the fields are validated using JavaScript validation. For date picker, we are using ‘jQuery Date Picker’.

It contains all required fields for booking seminar halls like booking date, session, booker name, dept, etc., Here all the fields are validated using JavaScript validation. For date picker, we are using ‘jQuery Date Picker’.

Booking Form

Booking suggestion form


It contains a list of users on this system.

Administrator portal

Seminar hall Incharge Portal

It lists out the request came for the seminar hall with Booker details.In-charges approve the request based on the priority based on First Come First Serve order based on booking id or booking date and time.

Seminar hall in-charge portal

Usage details
It is Users availability checking page. On this user can check the availability of particular seminar halls.

Usage details

User page-Request details

It contains a list of requests have been sent to the seminar halls, viewed by the Head of the Departments.

Rejection of Acceptance

Notification of Approval Rejection

Usage details –principal portal

From this page, Principal can view the entire process which is happening on the website and can fetch the data from the past to present who all are used the seminar hall.

Acceptance rejection page

It shows the acceptance rejection page details, it can be viewed by principal

Admin portal

Principal portal


The project is developed and hosted in our Engineering College web server. It is going to use by our college. Users can access this website by using the intranet. It helps users by reducing manual works. It will be a User-friendly website.


The project entitled “Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System” was successfully executed.  This system replaces the existing system with more features.  The system provides security to user documents.

However, the possibilities for innovation are infinite and scope for development is innumerable. The future extension can be made to provide more option in this application.


Good amount of user friendliness has been incorporated in this system. It is possible to exploit these features to get the details of not only seminar hall but also the total number of blocks and which contains the total list of the hall in a block wise.  The process is suitable to extend the kind of task and the number of more process.

Download Seminar Hall booking System PHP project.

Tender Management System Java Project


The tender management system is a project which is developed to enable the vendors to get all the tender details online and provide facility to submit the tender.

This Tender Management project provides a system which will reduce the extra cost which involves for this entire process like advertising, document processing and getting confirmation results.

By using this Tender Management application vendors can save a lot of time in making the documents online, sending and receiving documents using the postal system. This application makes the evaluation process to complete within the assigned date.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the work is done manually. This Tender Management System works need to be completed manually. Contractors need to submit their documents on time and must be submitted through ordinary post by which they sometimes not able to bid for particular tender on time.

All working personnel within department involved just for doing the same task which is document verification and there may be a chance in which the best one may be left behind.

Proposed System:

The Proposed Tender Management System provides all tender documents online which can be accessed by all the vendors using their id and password. Vendors can able to act on more than one tender through this online system.

Eliminating the need for sending and receiving the documents by post, so immediate response can be taken for the existing tender. To reduce paper work, data which are available online, using this final decision can be taken by the administration and can contact directly to such suppliers.



Administrator is the master user of this system who will responsible for uploading advertisement documents, verifying suppliers by using their information ,maintaining data and confirmation of final report.


The vendor needs to get registered and log in with a valid username and password. The vendor can apply for the tender and view the status of the tender. The vendor can give feedback.


Employee gets login with a username and password. Employee can view the home page. Employee can view the details of the vendor tenders. Employee can give suggestions to the vendor if he has any queries regarding the tender.

Software Requirements:

Language : Java
Web technologies : JEE (Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
Database: MYSQL
Scripting: JavaScript
Browser : IE 6.0/ Mozilla
Operating System : Windows/Linux

Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium-IV
Hard disk : 20GB
Monitor : 15” Color monitor
Mouse : Optical mouse


Our project tender management system has successfully created a user friendly environment in tender management process. our project is flexible and changes can be incorporated easily. It is so designed that further modifications to the system can be easily done.

Student Friendly College Management System


Student Friendly College Management System is a web application which provides a very easy way for students to pay the fee and check the results online. This application maintains the complete information about the students their fee details and their results.

We developed a web application where students can pay the fee online and check the results. This application provides a service to students to check their fee dues and pay it online and students can even check the results online.

Introduction: –

The main objective of our project is to develop a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is user friendly. It is fast in operation and databases will be up to date. Every user will have their own profile, where they can know about their fee dues, make fee payment online and check the results in .xls format.

Literature Survey: –

We know the difficulty of paying the college fees, exam fees, etc, in college because there are so many students in the college who want to pay the fee. (Students who can’t pay the fee immediately and has to pay on the last day, due to which long queue is seen everywhere and it is a time taking process.

Students, who appear in the exams, eagerly wait for the results, but the university servers are so busy in the time of the results when they are released and lots of time is being consumed in awaiting of the results for coming days. So, we are developing a system in which a student can pay his/her fee from their profile and even check their results.

Problem with our Existing System: –

The main problem with our existing College Management system are:

  • No software for online fee payment system.
  • Busy university servers while the results are released.
  • User login profiles are not user friendly.
  • No online enquiry for fee dues.
  • There is no predefined classification of fee categories.
  • Students fee payment data searching is not available, it is not user friendly.
  • Existing system is total manual process. It is time taking process.

Proposed System: –

To overcome all the problems in the existing College Management System, we have proposed a new system with the following actions.

  • A web page has been created with separate logins and profiles with good security for students and accountant.
  • Student can search his/her results as soon as results are announced in their own profiles and they can check their fee dues and can pay that online from their own logins.
  • Student can choose the fee structure in the way they want to pay and can pay that separately by providing the details based on the method payment they choose.
  • Student can pay college fee, university fee, exam fee, transport fee, CRT fee, etc,.
  • Payment is done only for those who has any fee dues. The transaction gets cancelled if the payment is done beyond the fee dues.
  • An accountant can check status of students who paid the fee and how much. He can insert the fee details from his login which reflects into students fee dues.

Modules of the system: –

  • Administrator
  • Student
  • Accountant

Functionality of the project: –

  • 1) Administrator
    1. Add student
    2. Add accountant
    3. Upload results
  • 2) Student
    1. Updates student details
    2. Check fee dues
    3. Check results
    4. Make online payment
  • 3) Accountant
    1. Insert student fee dues
    2. Check student dues
    3. Check student online transactions