Invoice Billing System C# .Net Project

Description for Invoice Billing System Project:  

Invoice billing system project is one of the important software application for many communication and online industries. 

This is useful for companies to provide effective and accurate billing system for users and to analyze revenue of the organization.

Information of every user billings will be updated to call detail record on daily basis.

This system includes billing of every detail on daily, monthly and usage basis and store the records into the database and aggregating these records periodically to calculate invoice and sending invoices to the users on monthly basis and collect payments from every user and update details into the database.

This application is implemented in C# .Net language and SQL as database. This system consists of five modules where each module has its own functionality.

1)   Order Creation

2)   List Of Items

3)   Connection  (Add/Update/View)

4)   Purchase Details

5)   Report Generation

download Invoice Billing System C# .Net Project report and source code.

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for the source code for this project. So if any one has the link to download this project please share it with me. I shall be very thankful for that.

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