Project Description: Study of   Hydraulics System & Development of Oil Conservation Methods in MMSM of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Mechanical final year project was done at Vizag steel Plant, MMSM finishing Hydraulic system is one of the biggest Hydraulic systems in Indian industry with 20 number of bent axis main pump, 12 number. of cooling and filtering pumps and lot many control units. The capacity of the oil tank is more than 2000 liters. Hydraulic System is having two units (LHS and RHS) separating pressurized oil of 100 bars to all hydraulic operated equipments in both sections (LHS and RHS) separately from batching to finishing area. Obviously in such system centrifuging is the necessary process to separate water moisture, and sediments from the oil on line as well as collected oil from leakages of control racks. Through tripping may be due to over load, and power trip, oil wasted. Hence it is required to study the total system, analyze the cause for such problem and suggest the possible remedial measures to avoid oil wastage.