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Railway Ticket Booking System Project Using Visual Basic

February 9, 2012

Railway ticket booking system projects main aim is to provide a secure and easy way to book train tickets using a online web application. This application is an automated railway system. Using these systems users can perform operations like finding out the train timings and their schedules and to know information about PNR status, seats availability and costs of each ticket and online booking facility using credit card, visa card and other payment options. 

For application is implemented using visual basic as a front end platform and Microsoft Access as database which runs as backend application. This system is developed in three modules.

(i)                Ticket Reservation

(ii)             Ticket Cancellation

(iii)           Status checking 

In this paper we explain dataflow diagrams for Reservation DFD and Cancellation DFD and Status DFD, software and hardware requirements, explanation on each module functionality.

download Railway Ticket booking system project report and code.

Useful Links:

Train Reservation System PPT

posted in CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects, CSE Projects with Source Code, VB projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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7 Comments to "Railway Ticket Booking System Project Using Visual Basic"

  1. pradeep wrote:

    i want a php based project on online railway reservation

  2. pradeep wrote:

    i want a php based project on online reservation

  3. rajesh wrote:

    hi there first of all ur idea is really great as i gone through ur ppt file but i just wanted to know that how will u create avl of train seats as they are not mentioned anywhere. for example i want to find a availability of seat in SL in particular train how will i do that if there is no if info on that class of train.

  4. venkat wrote:

    i wnt your project

  5. vaishnavi wrote:

    i like this project..i want it

  6. jumerati wrote:

    I like mini projects

  7. sangavi wrote:

    i like this project.

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