Project Report on Optimization of Portfolio Risk and Return MBA Project

1.    Among the three portfolios I  II and III, portfolio III gives a highest return with a proportionate risk (   ) of 44% with a return of 52.57%.
2.    Portfolio III has outperformed in both Sharpe’s and Treynor’s measure.
3.    It is advisable to invest in portfolio III i.e. foreign collaboration securities in long run and portfolio II i.e. public limited companies in short run because the later is more correlated with the market index.
4.    Diversification of portfolios in various projects or securities may reduce high risk and it provides the high wealth to the shareholders.
5.    Beta is used to evaluate the risk proper measurement of beta may reduce the high risk and it gives the high risk premium.

Combination of individual assets or securities is a portfolio. Portfolio includes investment in different types of marketable securities or investment papers like shares, debentures stock and bonds etc., from different companies or institution held by individuals firms or corporate units and portfolio management refers to managing securities. Portfolio management is a complex process and has the following seven broad phases.

1.    Specification of investment objectives and constraints.
2.    Choice of asset mix.
3.    Formulation of portfolio strategy.
4.    Selection of securities.
5.    Portfolio execution.
6.    Portfolio re balancing.
7.    Portfolio performance.

Download Final Year MBA Project Report on Optimization of Portfolio Risk and Return.

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