Performance Evaluation of Public and Private Sector Mutual Funds MBA Project

Mutual Funds are financial intermediaries concern with the mobilizing savings of those have surplus income and channels lavatory of those avenues where there is demand of Funds.

The purpose of this study of performance evaluation of mutual funds is to see that these mutual funds employ the resources in such a manner as to afford for the investors combine benefits of low risk, steady returns, high liquidity and capital appreciation through diversification and expert management.

Therefore, activities of mutual funds have short and long term impact on the savings and capital markets and national economy; mutual finds thus assist the process of financial deepening and inter-mediation.


The specific objectives of the Performance Evaluation of Public and Private Sector Mutual Funds MBA Final Project Case study are as follows

–    To analyze the trends in returns of selected mutual funds.
–    To evaluate the performance of selected Public and Private sector Mutual Funds.

It is hopeful that this study creates awareness that the mutual funds are worth investment practice. The various schemes of mutual funds provide the investors with a wide range of investments options according to his risk bearing capacities and interest. Besides they also give a handy return to the investors. The project analysis various schemes of Different Companies.
In India Mutual funds are playing important role. The mutual fund Companies pull the savings of small investors and invest those collected huge amount of funds in different sectors of the economy. They are performing like intermediary between small investor and the Indian capital market. In recent years many mutual fund companies are established. Through this competition is increased among the companies. To encounter the competition the different companies are introducing different types of mutual fund schemes with attractive returns and low risk. So it is an advantage to the investors,.

For taking a decision to invest in mutual funds, the evaluation plays a greater role. The rankings given to the mutual funds attract the investment by the investors to the respective funds. For the purpose of ranking the performance of various mutual funds the methods such as Sharpe. Trey nor and Jensen were applied to the various funds in different schemes. It is hoped that the ranks provided for the fund in this chapter explains relative performance of the schemes. The relative performance of different types of funds according to different types of performance measurements are explained in the next page.

Download Performance Evaluation of Public and Private Sector Mutual Funds MBA Project Report and Documentation.

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