Online Ayurvedic medical store system project is designed in programming language. In this article we provide project over view about system design details, modules explanation.

online ayurvedic medical store

Project Description:

Online web portals are best source for selling products. In present trend there are various websites which are selling ayurvedic products through online. Using this project we will provide similar type of website through which users can search for various type of products and add products to chart and buy using various online methods.

Project Advantage:

Time required for buying products will be reduced buy delivery of products will take time.

Cost for products will be reduced due to less resources and management cost.

Payments can be done through online or after delivery and users can also send back product if there are any issues.

Modules over view:

There are four main modules administrator module which is useful for maintaining site and updating, deleting, modifying details in database. User module: User has few features like register, login, logout, adding product to chart, payment. Payment module is useful for paying money using various online transaction methods.

Project Title:

Online Ayurvedic Medical Store System Project

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