According to Sharpe Measurement the following are the conclusion:

Equity Fund Dividend Scheme

The SBI Fund, as per Sharpe measurement is ranked one. Whereas HDFC Fund got second rank. The SBI Fund is got third rank whereas JM financial fund got fourth rank.
Equity Fund Growth Scheme
UTI Fund is placed first rank, JM financial Fund and HDFC Fund share second and third ranks respectively and SBI IVth rank. Comparing with market return all Funds is very low returns.

Balanced Fund Dividend:

As per Sharpe measurement, JM financial fund is ranked One, SBI fund is ranked two and UTI fund is ranked Three and HDFC fund Forth rank. By comparing with market return all the funds are getting very low returns.

Balanced Fund Growth

According to Sharpe model SBI fund is placed First ranked, JM financial fund and UTI fund share Second and Third ranks and HDFC Forth rank respectively. Comparing with market return all the funds are very low.
By comparing al the schemes .i.e., SBI, UTI and HDFC, JM financial funds that the all scheme is troubling more then  the all schemes.


The section tries to present certain suggestions. The suggestions emerge from the observations made on the performance positions of various funds taken for the study.

It was observed that as per Sharpe performance measurement for the equity fund dividend scheme, the equity fund growth lagging behind. Therefore it is advised to re-organize the balanced fund dividend and balanced fund growth investment so as to make more returns.

In case of equity fund growth, balanced fund dividend may consider to re-organize it’s investment as it is lagging far behind when compared to this portfolio to take the advantage of more returns from the pharmaceutical sector.

In the equity fund dividend analysis, the balanced fund placed in second position, therefore this fund may consider reconstruction of this investment take the advantage of more returns from the pharmaceutical sector.

All the equity fund growth in comparison to the other funds is not advisable for investment as per present analysis.

The investors are advised to invest their funds in any equity dividend mutual fund.

Options marginalizing work:


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