Intelligent Railway Information System Project

In India railway networks there are problems for connecting one route to different route and also between tow stations. In this project we develop a intelligent information in railway system where it start forward or backward and giving the best quality performance for users. Due to increase in the population the railway networks are changed a lot, and increased routes .Increasing routes problems also increased to decrease this issues Change should be must for management. Lot of the India train are not connecting a way those are connecting different routes from the different places.

Every station is contains the Name, code number, station position and train number. This is the information is providing the using the Database management. This is the information is providing the using the Administrators are maintaining the RIS database and database doesn’t not allow the other persons to change only authorized persons to allow to do the operations.

The train is contains Name, number, days to run, city, route and providing he service whetherAC,1stclass,2nd class and 3rd classes. The train is containing the route. The route is contain the which time train is coming and leave form the station names and how much time to stop on the platform and distance from one station to another station. The database is store the route when every RIS needs the thing; it is automatically generate the information and show the route between the various stations.

The RIS is totally developed using the Java and this contain the feature of OOP concepts, this tools design by in it GUI. To search the information on database giving the short name to the station name, the name of the station is primary key. Every train contain the information using the database store the train name where here number is primary key is the train. The database is stored in array form like stations, cities and trains.

Download Human Resource Database Management System Mini Project.

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