Analysis on Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods CSE Project Abstract

Credit card fraud detection Project covers different methods which are used for detecting the fraud system in case of the credit cards. Now days due to the rapid increase in the E-Commerce applications, the usage of the credit card has increased drastically. 

With the high usage of the credit card system there could chances for the fraud management to occur.  Now a day the transaction through the credit card has increased along with the frauds cases.  In the real time scenarios the fraud transactions are done with the genuine transactions and a simple method are not sufficient for detecting them in an accurate manner. Hence banks are looking forward to overcome the losses of the fault credit card system. 

Explanation on Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques:

In general the modern techniques which are used for detecting the fault credit card system include usage of the data mining, fuzzy logic and also the implementation of the artificial intelligence. A proper analysis on all these techniques will helps to provide efficient system for detecting the fraud system. And also a study is conducted on all techniques which are used in this mechanism and also the design criteria are also provided. 

Conclusion on Fraud Detection in Credit cards:

We can conclude that an efficient credit card fraud detection system is required for any bank so that the losses can be overcome. A lot of research has been done on this and a number of the new techniques are even proposed. Among them the Fuzzy fraud detection system is considered as an efficient system for detecting the fraud system. All the techniques which were discussed have its own limitations and strengths. A survey helps us to come with hybrid approach for the fraud detection system.

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