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B tech 1st Year English Lab

October 29, 2011

Our B tech 1st Year English Labenabled me to acquire lot of information about communication i.e. how to communicate and also conveying of my thoughts to others.  English Language Communication Skills Lab Also Increased Efforts In English.

English is a difficult language to learn. As we know very well that the literacy percentage in India is very low. In this circumstance, learning of English becomes more difficult. So we should not impose it. A language is a medium to express oneself and be understood. When we have already a rich language, like Hindi, then why is English imposed on us.

A free country must have its own national language; without it no country in the world can ever progress. Japan is the best example before us.

In my opinion English is an important language in the world today.  It is used for communication not only between native speakers and also non-native speakers of English.  The importance of English is also growing rapidly, because of global medium of communication, so communicating in English is very important task now a day to everyone.

Download B tech 1st Year English Lab.

posted in English Lab Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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