Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield Lighting System (Abstract)

This project “Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield” will be useful for power saving at the flight run runways and will be useful for safe landing of the flights by showing the correct runway path with high intensity LED’s. This Embedded System project uses the Solar panel for power supply which will be charged during the day time and that supply can be used for night timings. Also this project will be using the Zigebee based wireless technology for transmitting the signals from the flight to the landing area.

In this Final Year ECE Embedded System 2012 project we are going to use LPC2148 (ARM7) based microcontroller.

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’ language.

TOOLS: Keil Software , Flash magic Software

TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148 microcontroller

APPLICATIONS:  Lightning control at Airfield run ways

ADVANTAGES:  Power saving features, low cost technique

Download Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield Lighting System Embedded System Final Year Project