MBA Final Year Students are doing their project in “Bajaj Allianz life Insurance”,dealing with the project of “A Study on Promotional Mix of Insurance Products and Its Importance on the Growth of the Company “

The need of my study is to know about the policies and its importance for the development of the company.   The promotional strategies following by the Bajaj Alianz Life Insurance Company was only on the recruitment process of the ICs (Insurance Consultancy) for the growth of development of the company business. Bajaj Alianz Life Insurance Company consists of all type of insurance products which will suitable for the better understanding of Indian people.

Right now Bajaj Alianz promoting one of the best policies in the market it’s called capital unit gain.  It is the policy which is developing the Bajaj Alianz Life Insurance Company Ltd.,

A STUDY ON PROMOTIONAL MIX OF INSURANCE PRODUCTS AND ITS IMPORTANCE ON THE GROWTH OF THE COMPANYTo analyze briefly about the company’s products and also the promotional strategies following for the development of the company.  Through this research we can also know about the customer, competitors of the company.

There is more competition in this industry so there is a need to retain the customer with the organization. So to sustain in the market the company has to follow various strategies by attracting new investors and to retain the existing investors.


1.    They can able to know for what extent there promotional strategies helping to increase the business.
2.    They can able to know for extent the customers aware of their products.
3.    If any necessary changes should be taken if any lacking is there.


1.    It is a opportunity to apply the concepts learnt in the class room to real life situations
2.    I came to know the nuances of a work place by assigning time bound ness in the company.
3.    It is a platform to work and develop a network which will be useful to my career prospects.

Objective of executive training
–    Our main objective is to selling the various life insurance policies and creating need to the customer to save their amount.
–    To create awareness among the customers about different products of Centrum direct.

Objectives of management thesis

The main aim of the present study is to accomplish the following objectives:
Primary Objective:
–    To know the promotional strategies of the company and what extent that strategies helped the company to develop in the competitive market.

Secondary Objective:
–    Up to what extent the people are aware of  their policies.
–    Which product has increased the company

Limitations of the study
there are varieties of products in the market it is very difficult to study.

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