This project “Power Generation Using Speed Breakers And Efficient Use of Energy” depicts how voltage can be generated from the busy traffic. The principle used here is that the potential energy of the vehicle moving on a speed breaker is transformed into rotational energy. A mechanical rod connected to a dynamo is fitted at the surface of the road. Due to friction the roller gets rotated rotating the dynamo and producing an emf. This emf is given to a battery which then powers a lamp.

        In the second part, design is developed for efficient wastage of electricity by switching off road lights when not in use. This is done by placing two sensors between distances. When vehicle passes through 1st sensor, it signals the micro controller which turns ON the light while it is passing through and 2nd sensor sends a signal to the micro controller after the vehicle has passed thereby switching OFF the light.


        In the project Power generation using speed breakers and efficient use of energy a rod along with a dynamo is placed. The mechanical rotation of magnetic coils of the dynamo is converted into electrical energy according to Faraday’s laws. The generated voltage is stored in the chargeable battery.

      During night, half of the lights are ON because of photovoltaic switch logic. The other half lights switch ON only when vehicles pass through. In this project two infrared sensors are used. When the first sensor is activated, lights are ON and when the second sensor is active, lights get switched off. Thus the electricity produced by dynamo action can be used to power these night lights which are on only occasionally.


       This project uses non-conventional method to produce electricity which decreases the pressure on the conventional energy sources which are inadequate to meet the total energy demands.

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