The Mechanical Seminar on SIX STROKE ENGINE designs a Beare Head,a new type of Six-Stroke Engine head design  which has an improved method for combustion process  to meet the  demads for low emissions and low fuel consumption in modern combustion engines.

There is just one common feature in majority of the actual internal combustion engines, operating on different cycles which is combustion occurring in the cylinder after each compression, resulting in gas expansion that acts directly on the piston (work) and limited to 180 degrees of crankshaft angle. According to its mechanical design, the six-stroke engine with external and internal combustion and double flow is similar to the actual internal reciprocating combustion engine. However, The four-stroke block, piston and crankshaft remain unaltered. This combination of two stroke and four-stroke technology has given the technology its name the “six stroke engine”.

The Six Stroke designed in this project is thermodynamically more efficient because the change in volume of the power stroke is greater than the intake stroke and the compression stroke. The main advantages of six stroke engine includes reduction in fuel consumption by 40% and its adoption by the automobile industry which would likely have a tremendous impact on the environment and world economy.


  • Thermodynamically more efficient.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption by at least 40%.
  • Two expansions (work) in six strokes.
  • Dramatic reduction in pollution.
  • Multifuel


The 6 Stroke Engine designed in this project is a solution for the replacement of the internal combustion engine which not only is an improvement of  the current technology,but  is within reasonable time and financial limits. And when allied with the so-responsive pickup and a wide spread of usable power with a bike, it makes the bike ridiculously easy to ride, hardly using the gearbox.

Download Mechanical Technical Paper Presentation Seminar on Six Stroke Engine.