Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement project the main objective is to analyze the deficiencies in tools used to measure packet losses in the end to end network path.

By testing loopholes in these tools by experimenting with in real environment we implement a new algorithm for accurate measurement of packet loss using geometric distribution.

In any network calculating the loss of a packet is a challenging task because of rare occurrence and that too in short duration of time.

In order to measure these losses probe tools are mostly used to calculate the loss of packets in the end to end network paths. But there are many types of researchers working on the efficiency of this tools.

In this project initially, we will test the accuracy of this tools and understand loophole in the existing system and work on how to improve the efficiency of these systems by implementing the new protocol.

This system works on two principles.

  1. Enable an explicit trade-off between accuracy and impact on the network.
  2. Enable more accurate measurements than standard Poisson probing at the same rate.

In order to analyze our new method, we develop and implement a prototype named BADABING.

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