ELECTRONIC EYE WITH SECURITY SYSTEM ABSTRACT project is developed to design a security system that gives the information about secured area to the specific location using IR and RF communication.


This application mainly works on three components like Radio Frequency transmitter system, Infra Red transmitter system, Infra Red receiver.In order to run this application there should be continuous emission of IR light so this application uses simple micro controller which will generate IR Light rays at 38KHZ frequency.Obstacle sensing is identified by Infra Red receiver whenever there is a delay in continuous flow of light in between transmitter and receiver. At this point receiver signal gives variation in pulse. By connecting the receiver output to the micro controller interrupt pin, it gives interrupt to the micro controller. Immediately the system gives the buzzer and sends the message to the remote location by using RF transmitter. RF receiver is tends to display the message on LCD display by connecting it to the micro controller.

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