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Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker Mechanical Project

January 2, 2012 posted in Mechanical Projects, Mechanical Seminar Topics by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

The Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker Final Year mechanical project describes the new automobile gear level indicator which is composed of digital gear level indicator with power generation. It refers to the location of vehicle gear stage and engine over heating.  The gear level circuit includes components.

They are over heat indicating circuit, LCD display, sensing elements, gear box, and engine. The proposed mechanical system gathers the necessary components and materials.The main aim of this projects is to generate electrical energy from waste & useless energy ( Mechanical energy). The common question is how to generate power from the speed breaker, It is so simple by using electro-kinetic road  ramp generators & springs.

The main advantage is to produce more power for rural areas, easy to implement in big cities and no need of man power. Transformers & Regulators can be used to implement this Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project.

 The attached zip file contains the below:

  • Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker Paper Presentation
  • Full Report of Speed Breaker Electricity Generation Word Document
  • Generating Electricity from Speed Breakers Paper Presentation
  • Generating Electricity from Speed Breakers Word Document
  • Power Generation from Speed Breaker Word Document
  • Power Production for Speed Breaker Paper Presentation

Download Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker Final Year Mechanical Project

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  1. prashanth wrote:

    sir, can u tell me the how to generating the electricity from the speed breaker.

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    Plz tell me how to genrate electricity by speed brekar…….

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    sir, how we can generate electricity from speed braker??

  4. subha wrote:

    plz send me the full procedure to my mailid

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    can u send me the procedure of it to my mail n document procedure wil u have total document can u pls send to my mail

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    plz send me the full procedure to my mailid

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