In phase of the onsite operation, there are many failures which are causes of worsened    performance and degraded reliability so an effective maintenance is the important approach to reduction of failure. The theory of Based Preventive Maintenance is to have routine inspection for the identification of degradation in the integrity of the systems during their service life which provide warning for remedial action to be taken before failure occurs.

 Assessing the deteriorating condition is needed to maximize inspection and maintenance schedules of Coal Handling Plant for decisions and avoiding unplanned outages. The important objectives of this project are to establish an alarm level based on variation of a physical parameter and prediction of impending failures of critical plant components in real time.

 The steps of implementation of CBM are Divide Plant for Ease of Maintenance, Unloading Unit, Feeding Unit, Crushing & Screening Unit, Stacking & Reclaiming Unit, Bunkers, Detection Of Physical Parameters, In Service Examination By Using NDT, Analysis or Fault Diagnosis, and Correction.

 The limitations of this project are it is hard to compare the readings and the data scatter, maintenance is not achieved because of culture, management, or regulatory resistance, good balance between training of CBM technicians, good equipment for monitoring, data must be accessible from the programme, requires less time to get instituted, team work is needed for the successful programme, and CBM programme is not inclusive programme and balanced with maintenance processes.

 The parameters for condition measurement technique are vibrations, temperature, lubricants, speed and current relations, and current and the equipments are Crushers & Pulley Bearings, Gearbox, and Crusher Rotors.


This Coal Handling Plant of Thermal Power Station Btech Mechanical Paper Presentation concludes that the Based Preventive Maintenance theory has routine inspection to identify degradation in the integrity of the systems during service life that gives warning for remedial action to implement before failure occurs.

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