File Download Manager System PHP Project Idea

Files Downloading is so much popular in the world. Every day billions of files are Being downloaded on the internet.  In File Download Manager System project you can keep track on Downloading Transactions. Admin can get all information about when the files uploaded and no. of times the files are downloaded.

Existing System:-

All the Downloads Information is not saved anywhere or by anyone, if saved also all the things going manually only
No Security for the data about downloading also.
No Data Base is used.

Proposed System:-

Project Features: File Download Manager System project has a lot of features which are summarized below:

1) Counting the Number of Download times: This script enables admin to view all the downloaded times. It will automatically count how many times the file has been downloaded.

2) Block download from another website: If an admin wants to block download from any other website, then it may be easily performed. This option can be disabling by clicking on a checkbox in the download script.

3) Give details of names of files which have been downloaded: This script gives mini details of the file has been downloaded .it specify the name of the same file.

4) Contains the last week history: This is the best feature in this script. It keeps a history of all the downloaded files.


User: – The user can give his username and password and download the required data from the application

Registration: – The New User can make an account in our application using this module

Login: – By giving the Username and password user can login into the application using this module



• Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1GHz
• RAM: 256MB (Min)
• Hard Drive: 5GB free space
• Monitor : 1024 * 768, High Color inch
• Mouse: Scroll Mouse(Logitech)
• Keyboard: 104 keys


• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

Online Social Networking PHP Project

Online Social Networking developed in php. Here the user can make his/her account i.e.sign up. After sign up user can have to login in this project, user can send MSG to each other, chat with each other, user can see the profile of friends.

All the functionality is similar to the Face book. Like Face book user can make his account here. This project is very similar like Face book

Existing System

No Such Web Application in a Local System

Proposed System

Real-Life Benefits of Online Social Networking Project are as follows:

1)Kids and old peoples can easily gain social links and confidence from interacting with various peoples online.It also helps kids to feel more happy and secure in the situations and environment.For example going to school or college,joining a bar,and meetings also.

2) Peoples can become familiar with emerging and new technologies and thoughts because they finds everyone such as online .So they learn new changing technologies.It also increase there knowledge about the social media ,widgets, media literacy through exposure .They can easily share theirs thoughts in various peoples/friends.

3) Poples finds support in online communities .This is absolutely true for the peoples who lives isolated or alone and they have unique interest. Online social networking plays a vital role in encouraging peoples to come in front of others and share theirs thoughts and experience.

4) Online social networking can expose peoples and diverse to many new viewpoints,opinions,thoughts and ideas.

5) Peoples tend to use Online social networking to augment-not replace-people’s real world relations.It helps them to learn with communities in many various ways.It is well known that these type of projects are becoming so much familiar around the world.For example Facebook has take peoples very close to each other.

6)These types of social networking websites kept peoples with touch from their family members .Peoples can remains in touch with them .Peoples can share photos,video ,updates and message .

Some points which must be kept in mind in Online social networking project:

1) Never post any updates which hurt any people personal or emotional feelings.

2) Do not post your personal information such as home address, class schedule, phone number, Gmail id. Peoples can steal your personal data so you should keep in mind this point.


Registration: – All the New User can make an account in our project using this website

Login: – This Module is used for checking the user’s information like user name and password and gives permission to access our website

Friends: – find and request friends by using this module


• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

Mobile Details PHP Project

Abstract: Every person has at least one mobile phone in his/her pocket. Having Mobile phone is becomes a Tradition in the world. Mobile Phone Connect peoples with others peoples in a few seconds. So i have added the Mobile details project.

I feel the need of this Mobile Details PHP Project from the requirement of my visitors. So all the visitors who have mailed to me add this project, please download it form this post.

Existing System:

Now If you what to buy any mobile we are going to shop and checking the mobile and buying it and its take much time for any user to buy its time taking process for the users to know about the mobiles.

Proposed System

In our project we are proposed a system for giving the information about the mobile details with will have features like user making an account in the application and admin can add the mobile details user can view that mobiles and its details all information also.


User can login and register: in this project user will be able to register and login in it. User has to first register in it and after registering user need to login this project.

Add Mobile Details: User can add the details of mobiles phone in the specified columns. After adding the details user will be able to edit all details of added content. User has full control on all the added content. User can delete whole added data.

Edit Profile: User can make and edit a new profile in mobile details project .Profile gives a look what type of this user is. So we must have a good profile in this column.

Save Product in cart: User will be able to add all the mobile products in a cart which will display all the saved items for the purchase in future. User can edit all the details in it very easily.

Full Admin Control: Mobile details project is fully controlled by a Admin. You can make yourself as admin of this project. If you are admin of the project then you will be able to keep track on all the activities in the project. you will be able to edit any content, add or delete user. Admin will not need any notification to give if he/she wants to remove any user from this project.

I have checked this project .It is simple and user friendly. If you face any problem then please let me know, you can make comment me below this post section.



• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

Shop Management Software PHP Project

The Shop Management Software Project is very useful. In the beginning all shop’s activities were performed manually .so lot of time had been spent in these activities. Shop Management Software project is developed according to user requirement. This project is use to manage all activities.

Existing System

In The Existing System Shop Related Things Going Manually only like Things Buying for shop are selling in the shop each and every thing going by writing in some books like that only

• No Security to the information of the shop.
• Chance of changing the data of the shop
• Find the past data will take more time

Proposed System

This project is focus at providing an economically feasible security and communication system that will provide very nice features that can fulfill the security needs of a all types of organization. This project will also be able to provide reports of products sold to the customer and brought to the store.


Shop Management Software projects can be make very effective if we edit it and try to make it more effective. By adding more features in it we can make it more effective. The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.


Shop Owner: – Shop owner is having the premising to add all the things that are there in the shop with cost name all the info of any product

Shop keeper:-The shop keeper will check all the info odd by the shop keeper and can sell the product to the customers.

Registration: – This for all the new shop keeper who come for working in the shop they have to fill all the required information like name phone no.

Login: – this is for security we are using this module



• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

Screens Details:

  • Admin Login
  • Add Items
  • Administrator Detail
  • Sales Detail

Online Video Streaming PHP Project

As all of us knows that online video streaming web sites are becomes so much popular in all around the world. This kind of website provide a sort of entertainment for user. Youtube is the best example for Online Video Streaming. At YouTube any user can upload his/her video files after got registering.

Proposed System

Online Video Streaming project is related to same concept here users can upload videos, edit videos, modify existing videos on their profile.


Play Video: – By Using This Module the registered users can play the video and see
Registration:- This module is used for getting account in our website by giving the basic information like name phone no email id address and password and get account
Login :- This is for security where users have to give user name and password and can login in to website and play videos.

Advantages of Video Streaming Website:

Users can share any information through online in the form of videos like comedy clips, movies, personal videos…etc.


Sample Screens Details:

User Login
Play Video