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Ship Management System CSE Main Project

February 4, 2012 posted in CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects, CSE Projects with Source Code, Java Based Projects, Oracle Database Projects by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

  •  Project  Title:  Ship Management System CSE Main Project
  • Environment: HTML, Java Script, JSP, Servlet with Oracle Server
    Description: This Ship Management System CSE Main Project is aimed to develop a ship related management system, which can streamline the administration of a ship based transport company. It’s often felt that the ship management is a difficult task. It involves many administrative work and co-ordination. This final year computer science engineering project is to develop and deploy a web based application so that the different aspects of a ship based transport company administration become easy to handle. Java Server pages & Servlets are used for front end, Oracle database server is used for back-end to store the database information to develop this project

Front End:  java (web Based Application)

Back End: oracle10g

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11 Comments to "Ship Management System CSE Main Project"

  1. chakri wrote:

    can i get this project’s documentation

    ship management system cse main project

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    would you please send me project’s documentation?

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    i like this topic very much.
    would you please send me this project’s documentation.
    ship management system cse main project

  4. Jain wrote:

    Please send me the project documentation on topic Ship Management System

  5. Anusha wrote:

    I need complete documentation

  6. Mit wrote:

    plz can i get the project details and source code of this shipping management project…..

  7. Ankur wrote:

    Please send me documentation of this project i like it and m selecting this for my final year project.

    Its urgent i have to submit its synopsis in 2 days
    so please send me.

  8. mit wrote:

    sir i need in this project…plz can u send this link to my email id

  9. aadi wrote:

    sir can i get this project and source code
    (shipping management )

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    plz can I get this project as a reference….It will be helpfull for me and my team

  11. Surendar wrote:

    Please send me the complete project documentation… please. (SHIPPING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)

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