Relational Database Model (RDM) in Data Base Management Systems

Relational Database Model (RDM)

In the year 1960’s, to hold the huge quantity of data Dr. E. F. Codd, a mathematician   appears a latest condition. Codd had some of the plan to explain various problems to relate disciplines and structures of mathematics to data management. But when it is planned for other database models it comes across unnecessary data and weak data integrity. In the year 1970, June the relational model of data is established by Codd.  On the two branches of mathematic the Codd support his model.

       The Codd does not get the concentration on the new papers but in the relational database concept the IBM became extra importance. For a System/R and a relational language to form a sequence of design documents the IBM is going to use their thoughts.

          The relational language is also called as structured query language. By using the SQL we can get back the data.SQL is one of the ordinary language by using this we can create, modify, and inquiry relational databases.

In the relational database model we can observe three essential components.

  1. Relational data structure
  2. The data structures association would be managed by the rules
  3. And in the data structures the operations are presented.

There are more benefits in the Relational Database Model.

  • Built in multi level integrity   

            To make certain that the records are not copied and to identify the values of primary key that is misplaced, we built data integrity into the model that is at table level.

  • Logical and physical data independence from database applications

When we put the applications together it will not badly affect for the logical and physical design of the RDM when some of the modifications made by the user.

  • Guaranteed data consistency and redundancy

Within the database the data can be forced when the data is exact and constant due to the different stage of integrity.

  • Easy data retrieval

                In the database level we can recover the data from a particular table or any correlated table which is controlled by users.

            To create, maintain and manipulate a relational database a software program known as Relational Database Management System is used. To produce the request the RDBMS is used and the data which is stored in the database should be work together with the users. For creating an extra and better mainframe RDBMS programs the various companies are using relational database model which are moved from the hierarchical database model and network database model. Oracle and IBM’s DB2 are some of the mainframe computers in RDBMS this improvement is seen in 1980.

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