B.tech final year students who are interested in developing auction related web based application then Net Auction a web based java project will be a best choice. The main idea for developing this project is to provide an option for public for selling and buying products through auction from all over the world using a well designed web application.Net Auction A web Based Java Project.

Online Net Auction a web based java application will allow users to log in to the site and specify details about auction. Through this application seller will publish his tender details to public by providing minimum biding price for the product? Then buyers from all over the world who are interested in the product will bid for the product which will start from the minimum rate provided by seller. Auction will be closed based on the buyers best bid provided in auction. This project includes new option like automatic bidding where buyer can set min and maximum bidding amount after the maximum biding is reached user will be informed through sms. This application has sms feature where messages will be sent to seller and buyer about the status of product.

Bid software project  is developed in four modules.

Buyer Module: In this module bidder should log in to his account and select products he want to bid for, using two features normal bidding or automatic bidding.
[cc lang=”asp”]<HTML>
<%@ page language=”java” %>
<%@ page session=”true” %>
<%@ page import=”java.sql.*,java.io.*,java.util.Random”%>


<LINK href=”styles.css” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”>


<jsp:include page=”MultiLevelmenu.htm”/><br><br><br>

<body class=”SC”>
<P align=right><a onclick=”javascipt:window.print()” onmouseover=”this.style.cursor=’hand'” ><img src=”images/printer1.jpg” width=”37″ height=”38″ border=0 alt=””></a></P>
<h2 align=center>Applicants Wise Report</h2>
<form name=cons>
<table width=”20%” align=Left>


/*Declaration of variables*/

Connection con=null;
Statement stmt=null;
ResultSet rs=null;

String ApplicantName=request.getParameter(“AppName”);
String orderby=”ApplicantName”;
int ApplicationID=0,DistrictID=0,SchemeID=0,PanchayatID=0;
String PanchayatName=””,SchemeName=””,ApplicationStage=””,ApplicationStatus=””,ApplicantAddress=””,AppName=””;
int MaxCandidates=0;
orderby=((String)request.getParameter(“orderby”)==null) ? “ApplicantName”:(String)request.getParameter(“orderby”);


/*Getting the connection variable from session*/

stmt = con.createStatement();
String Query = “SELECT Applications.AppID As ApplicationID ,Applications.AppName As ApplicantName,Applications.AppAddress AS ApplicantAddress,Applications.Stage As ApplicationStage,Applications.Status As ApplicationStatus,Schemedetails.SchemeID,Schemedetails.Name As SchemeName,Panchayatdetails.PanchayatID,Panchayatdetails.Name AS PanchayatName,Panchayatdetails.DistrictID FROM SchemeDetails,Panchayatdetails INNER JOIN Applications ON Panchayatdetails.PanchayatID=Applications.PanchayatID where Applications.SchemeID=Schemedetails.SchemeID and Applications.AppName=\'”+ApplicantName+”\'” ;

rs = stmt.executeQuery(Query);
catch(Exception e)


//System.out.println(“Resultset is not null”);

<!–Displaying the table header–>

<!– <DIV STYLE=”overflow:scroll;width:650px; height:400px;”>–>

<table align=right width=”50%”>

<th align=center>ApplicationID</th>
<th align=center>ApplicantName</th>
<th align=center>ApplicantAddress</th>
<th align=center>ApplicationStage</th>
<th align=center>ApplicationStatus</th>
<th align=center>SchemeID</th>
<th align=center>SchemeName</th>
<th align=center>PanchayatID</th>
<th align=center>PanchayatName</th>
<th align=center>DistrictID</th>

int DisRow=0;
/*Getting the values from the database*/



<tr class=<%=(DisRow%2==0)?”row_even”:”row_odd”%>>
<td align=center><%=ApplicationID%></td>
<td align=center><%=ApplicantName%></td>
<td align=center><%=ApplicantAddress%></td>
<td align=center><%=ApplicationStage%></td>
<td align=center><%=ApplicationStatus%></td>
<td align=center><%=SchemeID%></td>
<td align=center><%=SchemeName%></td>
<td align=center><%=PanchayatID%></td>
<td align=center><%=PanchayatName%></td>
<td align=center><%=DistrictID%></td>

<tr><td colspan=7 align=center><B>No Records found<B><td></tr>
<tr><td align=center colspan=7 ><A href=”UserWise0.jsp”> Back </A></td></tr>
%><tr><td align=center colspan=7 ><A href=”UserWise0.jsp”> Back </A></td></tr><%
/*To write to the server if the resultset is null*/
//System.out.println(“Result set is null\n”);


Seller Module: This module is for user who wants to sell his product. In this module seller should upload information of the product he want to sell with details about the product and minimum bidding cost.

Admin Module: In this module admin will coordinate with seller and buyer on the auction and maintain reports.

Reports Module: This module will provide information to seller and buyer about the products transaction, Auction expiry information and buyer and seller information.

Software and hardware requirements for developing  bidding software project.

Web Server              : Apache Tomcat 5.5

Backend                          : Oracle

Technology                     : JAVA/J2EE

Server Side Scripting      : JSP

Client Side Scripting       :  Java Script

Java Version                   :  JDK1.5

Web Designing                : HTML, DHTML, CSS

Editor                             : Edit plus

Pentium IV processor architecture

512 MB RAM.

40 GB Hard Disk Space

For more information on this net auction cse projectyou can download project report from this site.

Download CSE Final Year Project Report On Online bidding software.