Modeling and Automated Containment of Worms Project Abstract

Modeling and automated containment of worm’s project explains about developing a branching process model for solving the propagation of internet worms. Worms are self propagating codes which work on internet some of the famous worms are code red, Nimda and slammer. These worms had created lot of impact on internet. Because of its performance on internet it causes serious problems researches are working of different models to control them.

In this project we will develop a branching process model to control  the propagation of Internet Worms. This model is implemented for uniform scanning worms and then developed to preference scanning worms. In this application we will develop a automatic worm containment strategy which will prevent from spreading of worms from starting stage. In case of uniform scanning worms we can find out whether worm spreading will stop.

download modeling automated containment of worms project base paper pdf, Project source code in java, Project report and ppt.

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