Mobile Store Management System Java MCA Project

The “Computerized Mobile Store Management System” MCA Final Year Project has been developed effectively in such a way that it meets all the criteria that are expected by the user and in further, if any further enhancements are required by the user, it can done with minimal coding.

We gathered all the requirements by studying the existing system we have analyzed the system in terms of the tasks it is performing and the types of users using the system and problems that to be overcome in the proposed system.
All the requirements that are gathered in the Analysis phase are given a basic structure by following the Design principles in the Design phase and data from the analysis stage is converted in to design in the form interface.
In the next stage, the coding is done following coding standards and the testing of the system has been performed by different testing strategies and techniques.

Computerized Mobile Store Management System

Features of this Java Mobile Store System

  • Login Form Mobile Store Management System
  • Menu form for Mobile phone
  • Add Mobile Phones form
  • Search Mobile Phone form 
  • Update Mobile Phone form
  • Delete Mobile Phone Details
  • Delete Mobile Phone Details
  • Menu form for Bill Administration 
  • Generate Bill form
  • Bill Print Preview form
  • Conformation message for requesting to select this customer is new one or existing one. 
  • Add Customer form
  • Search a Bill
  • Search Results of Bill
  • Menu form for Search Customer
  • Search Customer Form
  • Search Results Form
  • Menu form for Customer
  • Input Dialog Box requesting to enter Customer Id for customer Update
  • Update Customer Details form
  • Menu form for Delete Customer Details
  • Input Dialog box requesting to enter customer Id
  • Message Box Showing Customer is Deleted
  • Menu form for Credit Payments
  • Input Dialog Box requesting to enter Customer Id
  • Input Dialog Box requesting to enter Amount
  • Message Showing Remaining Balance
  • Daily Reports Menu form
  • Input Dialog Box Requesting to enter Date
  • Daily Reports form
  • Menu form for Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Reports Form
  • Monthly Reports Form showing Monthly Reports
  • Menu form for Yearly Reports
  • Yearly Reports Form
  • Yearly Reports form showing Yearly Reports
  • Menu form for Exit & Log Off Buttons
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