Life Insurance Polocy MBA Project at Bajaj Allianz

MBA Final Year Project Abstract:

To analyze the concept of insurance better and for making customer awareness analysis towards insurance. First a sample survey should be done on these things to know the awareness level of customers in this regard and by this the satisfactory levels of the existing investors who have already invested in life insurance.

There is more competition in this industry so there is a need to retain the customer with the organization. So to sustain in the market the company has to follow various strategies by attracting new investors and to retain the existing investors.

Life Insurance Polocy MBA Project at BAJAJ ALLIANZValue addition to Organization

1)    The organization can estimate the satisfactory levels of existing customers in life insurance.
2)    The Organization can know about the potential investors, who are interested and going to invest in life insurance in the near future.
3)    They can know about Asset Management Companies, which people prefer to invest.
4)    The Organization can do more business with this

Value addition to myself:

1) We will get Industry exposure.
2) We can know about level of awareness about life insurance in people.
3) We can know about the satisfactory levels of existing investors
4) We can trace out the future investors


–    Our main objective is to selling the various life insurance policies and creating need to the customer to save their amount.
–    To create aware
–    Less among the customers about different products of Centrum direct.


The main aim of the Life Insurance Polocy MBA Project at BAJAJ ALLIANZ study is to accomplish the following objectives:

Primary Objective:

To study and analyze the Perception of people towards life insurance in the current Financial Market.

Secondary Objective:

1)    To know the present satisfactory levels of existing policyholders.
2)    To know the reasons for preferring life insurance. 

Limitations of the study

1)    The time is not sufficient to meet all the investors.
2)    Respondent’s suggestions may or may not be correct.
3)    Researchers don’t have experience.
4)    Factors considered in the questionnaire may or may not be Sufficient.
5)    Sample size is too low to get the proper information.
6)    As many customers are not willing to give their opinions, we are unable to
get Proper information.
7)    Opinions of investors may vary by time.


–    birla sun life insurance
–    hdfc standard life
–     sbi life insurance
–    aviva life insurance
–    max new york life
–     ing vysya life insurance
–    tata aig insurance
–     tata aig
–    group term insurance
–    convertible insurance
–    shriram life insurance
–    hdfc standard life insurance
–    icici prudential
–    lic
–    birla sun life
–    lic india
–    money back policy
–    pension plan
–    lic agent
–    Lic of india
–    tata aig life
–    max newyork life insurance
–    birla sunlife   
–    tata aig life insurance
–    icici lombard
–    metlife india life insurance
–    lic insurance
–    Insurance nri
–    om kotak mahindra
–    new india assurance company
–    bharti axa
–    ing vysya life
–    sahara india insurance
–    kotak life insurance

Company has given me the target of collecting data base from prospective customers during these 2 months. Our company guides are helping a lot in explaining each and every point regarding in achieving our targets. Till now I undergone training Sections and also participated in their office works and had taught all the manual Works that take place. Our job is to collect data base from Prospective customers, and sell policy and give them It to company.  we need to go there and Survey that area at last we are supposed to submit the report. My theoretical knowledge’s helping a lot unconvincing the customers to give their details like that; being professional they are allowing us to make a talk with them. By the completion of my project I am surely can say that the person with good communication skills, Patience and a little bit of knowledge is enough to be a marketing manager. While coming to the point of achievements, our Job is to collect database and the finally selling the policy’s still now. So it will take some time to get the results. I am so happy with the OJT and with my work.


It helpful in developing the soft skill area, boosting the confidence and also understanding the application of theory learned in the classroom. Also it has been helpful to enhance knowledge in terms of various functional aspects of organization, products and industry.

A part from given practical exposure to me, OJT is beneficial to organization also as it provides platform to the organization to experiment different low cost activities and enhancing with channel partners

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