Data Analysis of MBA Dissertation


Analysing collected data is the major step in research methodology. This is nothing but testing or examining the data which is collected from the respondents. In data analysis the data is either in numeric form or in non-numeric form. If the data is in numeric form then researcher easily analyse data by taking frequencies and percentages for the obtained data and if the data is in non-numeric form the research can perform operation based on individual participant’s experiences. All the data is gathered using the questionnaire prepared and the key findings are analyzed using the Microsoft Excel tool and is as given in the next chapter.

In this the researcher speeds process by choosing a sample of questionnaires from the gathered data and proceed through measuring the scores and percentages or ranges for each and every question. After calculating the scores and frequencies researcher starts work by plotting graphs and tables which make observers to find the data in short form. After plotting graph and figuring the tables for every question researcher starts explaining the findings what is observed as a response from the respondents and discuss on higher percentage and lower percentage. 

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