Communicating Single Master with Many Slaves by Using SPI Protocol

Communicating single master with many slaves using SPI protocol project is used for communication between sensors and micro controller and personal computer for further analysis. This project can be used as base project for many other projects. The process of reading data continuously from sensors is called as data acquisition. This projects works on serial communication for communication between pc and micro controller. Micro controller will receive information from sensors which will convert from analog to digital and send data to computer. Received data can be further analyzed on P.C, information contains time stamp and data. 

 The data that is stored in the PC is easier to monitor or retrieve at any time compared to storing in a particular memory.  Many industries are using this procedure to store data on to their system.

 A sensor is usually an analog voltage and can take any value between + 10 to -10 volts. However a digital signal has only two states. “1” (ON) or “0” (OFF). Thus it is required to have additional circuitry between the digital system and analog system that translates the analog signal in to a digital signal. Such conversion can be performed by an analog to digital converter. 

 download Communicating Single Master with Many Slaves by Using SPI Protocol.

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