This Civil Project On Use Of Fly Ash In Different Countries report gives brief explanation Use of fly ash in different countries. China is the most Ash production and use country. Fly ash, a residue of burning of pulverised coal and lignite in thermal power stations, is now being accepted as a resource material. The concerted efforts in Mission Mode that began in India about decade back, have developed confidence in fly ash utilisation technologies and its large-scale utilisation. Till about a decade back, fly ash had been considered a “Polluting Industrial Waste” and most of it was being dumped in the ash ponds. Very few utilisation areas of fly ash were known and general perception of people about it was negative. Over a period of last ten years, lot of work has been undertaken with the focussed on Fly Ash. The potential of the fly ash has been understood & brought to the fore, the utilisation areas known earlier have been further strengthened by way of undertaking Technology Demonstration Projects and facilitating multiplier effects, awareness has been created among the user agencies through dissemination of information and many more new areas of ash utilisation have been developed.

Fly ash should be considered as an essential ingredient of concrete and not merely for replacement of cement or reduction in cost. Over a period of last ten years, the image of fly ash has completely been changed from a “Polluting Waste” to “Resource Material”. The economic worth of fly ash has been understood by the people and it has now become a “sought after material”.


There is a need for concerted effort to promote the “technically sound”, “environmentally safe”, and “economically justified” utilization of Ash. A number of researches and projects on high levels utilization of Ash have been carried out in many part of world, however, the majority of which have not yet been commercialized. It should be emphasized that transforming such laboratory- or pilot-scale technologies into industrial productivity is of the highest priority for increased use of Ash.

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