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Bank Management System Project in Java

January 11, 2012

Developing a tool/systematic way to look for vulnerabilities and risks in Internet Bank Management System processes.

LITERATURE REVIEW: The attacks and frauds on Online Bank Management System are becoming very severe issue and leaving the banking sector in a deep crisis. This research work mainly concentrates on the types of attacks on internet banking, classification of attacks, structure of different types of attacks, and development of a frame work to tackle the problem.

UNIQUE COMMON FEATURE IN Online Bank Management System:

The common unique feature in Bank Management System is providing support to manage personal finance. This process involves importing of transactional data in to accounting software. The accounting software is considered as banking platform that supports aggregation of a person’s account.

Download Bank Management System Project in Java

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    good after noon sir. i am Vaishnavi Mishra in B.Sc.iii . We prepare a project on Banking Management using Java. please tell me how to prepare it. I have collected all the components of this project.but on system it is start and use?

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