AN ANALYTICL STUDY OF DERIVATIVES IN FUTURES– The ANALYTICAL STUDY OF DERIVATIVES IN FUTURES MBA Project study is confined to only one week trading of Feb month contract

– The sample size chosen is limited to futures of B.H.E.L, O.N.G.C, REL CAPITAL, and TATA STEEL Underlying Scrip’s.

– The study does not take any Nifty Index Futures and Options and International Markets into the consideration.

– This is a study conducted within a period of 45 days.

– During this limited period of study, the study may not be a detailed, Full – fledged and utilitarian one in all aspects.

– The study contains some assumptions based on the demands of the analysis.

– The study does not provide any predictions or forecast of the selected scripts.

– The study is done as per the syllabus prescribed by the University for the Award of the MBA.

– The opening premium and closing spot price of the seek are taken for calculating option holder / writer profit / loss position.

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