An Analytical Study of Derivatives in Futures MBA Project


AN ANALYTICL STUDY OF DERIVATIVES IN FUTURES– The ANALYTICAL STUDY OF DERIVATIVES IN FUTURES MBA Project study is confined to only one week trading of Feb month contract

– The sample size chosen is limited to futures of B.H.E.L, O.N.G.C, REL CAPITAL, and TATA STEEL Underlying Scrip’s.

– The study does not take any Nifty Index Futures and Options and International Markets into the consideration.

– This is a study conducted within a period of 45 days.

– During this limited period of study, the study may not be a detailed, Full – fledged and utilitarian one in all aspects.

– The study contains some assumptions based on the demands of the analysis.

– The study does not provide any predictions or forecast of the selected scripts.

– The study is done as per the syllabus prescribed by the University for the Award of the MBA.

– The opening premium and closing spot price of the seek are taken for calculating option holder / writer profit / loss position.

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