A Study on Brand Equity and Media Efficiency MBA Project

Every element of an advertising campaign is different.  A company’s advertising campaign may be carried out with the help of the following:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Print projects
  • Direct mail
  • Sales letters
  • Television and radio
  • Online advertising


Saint-Gobain mostly preferring for advertising like Media and Print-Media and internet & call centers. But according to customer opinion like TV commercials are very popular (increase advertising many channels).

Glass Company should concentrate more in reflective glass because of Growing infrastructure expenditure.

As now a days builders prefer colour glass for construction. So therefore Increase variety in colours in reflective glass.
Company to increase their on desk champions to increase the retile business.


The A STUDY ON BRAND EQUITY AND MEDIA EFFICIENCY MBA Project methodology adopted to conduct the research (primary and secondary) for this study is as follows:

Primary Research Work:

1.    Initial step was to have an extensive discussion with the SAINT-GOBAIN management regarding the strategies that they follow in order to build and maintain their brand in the market.

2.    Based on the discussions, customer satisfaction survey Questionnaires were designed in order to carry out the surveys.

3.    Questions regarding the brand equity among the customers and Media efficiency towards the brand were asked from the dealers of  Saint-Gobain.

4.    After the surveys were conducted, the results of the same were analyzed and interpreted which can be seen in the latter part of this project report.

Secondary Research work:

1.    This entailed collection of available data and information

2.    The primary sources of this data was Saint-Gobain office located at Hyderabad.

3.    The other source was the company’s website, i.e.,

4.  The material collected included in-house and external promotional material, along with the company’s annual report, basic policy documents etc.

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