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A Query Formulation Language for the data web

The main aim of this A Query Formulation Language for the data web Google android project is to find out structured data. MashQL used in this software application mainly Query Formulation Language has been done on two types of editor’s online mashup editor, and a Firefox add-on. By using this android application we can provide more efficient interaction between the users. This application has search text box top of the screen and provides search query results.

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  1. Nitin wrote:

    Project code requisition

  2. Kumar wrote:

    Can i gain an access to code..

  3. satish wrote:

    i want project code for dis topic

  4. vandana wrote:

    can u pls keep the source code……

  5. Nandha wrote:

    I need this project

  6. sandeep wrote:

    can pls send me the source code Plzz

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