Study on Mergers and Acqusitions-Strategic Alliance MBA Project


The STUDY ON MERGERS and ACQUSITIONS-STRATEGIC ALLIANCE MBA Project study is an attempt to analyse the mergers and acquisition taking place in Some select industries. For this purpose, the following sectors are identified, in four different sections.

Still efforts for M & A will continue as a strategy for growth, for synergy, for widening capabilities and expertise for accessing wider market etc. It is important to assess the cost benefits involved and the optimum strategy required whether or not  M & A is the nectar of corporate life or poison pill for destruction.

The wave of liberalization and globalization has resulted in blurring of the National boundaries, elimination of barriers to marketplaces and as a consequence There has been free flow of technology. Capital and market forces across borders. In simpler terms it implies a more globally – aligned, volatile and responsive Economy. The momentum of change has been strong enough for many domestic Players. Working in a protected economy, to consider their competitive postures. The sudden shift from a protected environment to the stark reality of a globally competitive   market place has hit them very hard.  The thinning profit margins, Privileges of size, technology and extremely deep pockets, have made survival the Key word for the domestic players.

Indian corporate sector is no exception. Yet long before the corporate raiders Of west started infiltrating, Indian business had begun contemplating a counter Offensive. One such potent survival, as well as, growth strategy was found to be Mergers and Acquisitions. Particularly the last one-decade has been dedicated to Mergers and Acquisitions as vehicle of reducing the response time to competitors Moves and thus generating the much needed critical, mass, quickly.

India is on the threshold of entering a new economic era. An era of fast paces economic growth. With various new commercial opportunities opening up. These new industries and business ventures are often global. Multi national, collaborations, joint ventures, technology transfers are the new buzz words. Establishing and developing these genres of companies is a complicated process. In today’s scenar5io of frenetic activity, the need for quality financial services is acute.

To crystallize these projects a financial company that understands the individual needs is required. Thus the need for XXX FINANCE LIMITED is it providing corporate finance or in management of issues or in dealing with the securities market. And with the increase in he number of companies offering various financial services, the need for complete financial services offered under one roof has become inevitable, to keep pace with the rising competition. This Project is an existing profit making company. It is an integrated finance company established essentially as a fund based financial service organization as diversified it range of activities from fund based to non fund based activities and further stepped up and expanded the fund based activities and other financial services. It is a professionally managed company comprising chartered accountants, Company Secretaries, MBAs, Cost Accountants and software professionals. With an infrastructure that matches with the international standards and practices, staff support and strong network, the company efficiently caters financial services to its diverse clientele.

The Board of Directors of the company comprises eminent and experienced professionals who have abundant experience by virtue of their association earlier with public sector undertakings and multinational under takings. The chief promoter is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, the ICWA of India and ICS of India. He was associated with the financial institute for about 9 years and is well versed in all aspects of term lending, project financing, and project advisory services. Many Leading industrial conglomerated has used the services particularly in the areas of finance, taxation, and secretarial and public issues related matters. He is also a member of the Hyderabad Stock Exchange Limited.

The company caters mainly to the requirements of corporate clients in the variety of activities that include the following:

–    Leasing and Hire purchase finance

–    Inter corporate deposits

–    Bill Discounting

–    Loans Syndication

–    Placement of Commercial papers

–    Mergers, Amalgamations and Acquisitions

–    Project Counseling and Advisory Services

–    Project Appraisals

–    Under writings

–    Merchant Banking

–    Issue Management

–    Placement of Securities

–    Marketing of Public issue

–    Brought out deals

–    Placement of share to NRIs/OCBs, Fis, and FIIs

–    Fund Management

–    Equity Reassert Analysis

–    Investment Banking

–    Stock Broking and Commodities trading

–    Joint Ventures

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