VC++ Projects

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Sphere Approximation Visual C++ Project

INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT  Description: This demo displays an Approximated Sphere using set polygons defined by lines of longitude and latitude. We could use either quad strips or triangle strips for Sphere Approximation. We can describe it by following three equations:- x(θ,Ф)=sinθcosФ y(θ,Ф)=cosθcosФ z(θ,Ф)=sinФ The sphere would be rotated by clicking the left mouse button or(…)

Inteligent Bussines Process Manager

About the project: BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is an outsource partner take responsibility for providing back office support for a client organization. The main benefits of BPO for any organization are: Reducing Costs Improving Service Transferring Risk Processing Services: BPO’s system design based on our wide knowledge of hardware and software, supported by an efficient(…)

Robotic Projects for Electronics ECE Engineering Students

Have keenly analyzed and designed autonomous robot by using various latest technique and mechanism to reach our destination. Hereby we have spilt the Robotic Projects for Electronics ECE Engineering Students into mechanical and electronic parts. The Electronic ECE consideration holds: The Camera specification , Motor action, Microcontroller and processing unit, Global positioning system, Storage unit.  The Mechanical(…)

C++ Projects Visual Studio

List of C++ Projects visual studio:  Visual studio provide best platform for students to implement projects using C++. C++ Projects  using visual studio are very rare projects available on web. Here we provide few projects which are part of it and can be downloaded for free of cost.                  (…)

C++ Projects For Engineering Students

List of C++ Projects for engineering students: Engineering students who are looking for help for final year projects on C++ Projects, we provide list of C++ Projects for engineering students for free download. Students can download project reports, source code and paper presentations for free of cost. These projects are submitted by engineering students.        (…)

C++ Projects For BCA Students

List of C++ Projects for bca students:  This category consists of C++ Projects for bca students for free download. Most of the projects listed here are submitted by bca final year students and computer science final year students which are part of there final year projects.              You can submit C++ Projects for(…)

C++ Projects For Beginners

List of C++ Projects for beginners:  This category consists of C++ Projects for beginners which can be downloaded for free of cost. Most of the C++ listed here are implemented as final year projects by students and submitted to 1000projects.             Students can submit C++ Projects for beginners to us at info.1000projects{at} List of C++ Projects(…)

C++ Projects On Banking

List of C++ Projects on banking:  This category consists of list of C++ Projects on banking and students can find more banking related projects like internet banking, bank management ..etc projects in category with full coding and project report. Here we are providing list of C++ projects for free download.            (…)

Extraction Project VC++ Project with Source Code

Project Title: Extraction Project VC++ Project with Source Code Software Requirements:  VC++,SQL Server. Project Description:  The main aim and objective of developing this Extraction Project using console application are to provide a simple tool for file extraction.  This project Zip folder contains my database SQL file, speed antivirus folder, integrity checker folder, etc. Customer Extraction(…)