Design of Road Side Drainage Civil Engineering Project

A need for the development of better drainage system has always been a subject of discourse. The DESIGN OF ROAD SIDE DRAINAGE CIVIL Engineering Project provides information on easy and result-oriented ways for construction of road fences and the most budget-oriented road side design with proper drainage system(s). The project stresses the importance of implementation of the strategies or the techniques for proper construction of the drainage system(s) with respective to concerns of the users or the habitants.

Need for the proper road-side drainage systems:   


 Improper drainage in any form as surface or subsurface or cross drainage can create a great difficulty for the habitants. To a larger extent, poor drainage system can affect the structural integrity and sanitation facilities which the users or the habitants are used to. If the roads are properly designed then only the related problems such as pumping or accumulation of mud in diurnally busy areas or Hydroplaning etc can truly be rooted out and which if neglected can continue to create havoc for the users. If there can be created any efficient way for easy removal or elimination of water then this may provide myriad benefits to the users. 

This project also shed light on types of road-side drainage which is based on the structure of the constructional properties of the roads. It also speaks of the importance of effective and reliably implemented techniques for easy execution of the road side drainage system(s). Hydrological and Hydraulic analysis for perfect elimination of the flaws in executing the designing strategies of the surface drainage is also very clearly presented.


The project provides a better and an efficient way to judge the lay out proposals for road side drainage and thus will also fulfill all requirements of an ideal drainage system. The problems such as the presence of potholes, development of water-logging conditions, or problems related to erosion or corrugation should not be overlooked when designing road-side drainage. 

Download Design of Road Side Drainage Civil Engineering Project.

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