Some of the main problems faced by the network environments authentication, accurate and automatic identification, some of the secret pins in the smart cards may not be enough in certain cases, we need to verify that physically the person to be claimed is said to be biometrics. Biometrics identification is most costly top secure application, but latest researchers have developed cost effective, reliable and highly accurate Biometrics identification technology for access.

Bio metric Identification System Definition:

Biometric systems are those which identify a user by storing their biological info’s or behaviors and comparing them during that personal’s accessor in other words biometric is a non-repeatable trait of us human beings that can automatically reveal ones identity and details.

The main three levels of security when implemented in the real life are

  • Lowest level is used when you have your possession, such as ID.
  • Second level is used as a password for computer login or a PIN code  in your bank ATM cards
  • Third level or the highest level of security is something what you are and something that you do. This is the basic things of bio metric technology.

Bio metrics systems have different storage options provided such as database on central computer, plastic cards (such as strip, barcode, smart cards). The basic architecture of biometric identification consist of 5 main parts namely Data collection, Signal processing, Decision, Data storage and Transmission.

All the bio metrics devices have the same principles of capture, comparison, extraction and matching in common. Some of the biometrics techniques used in human organs for security purposes is basically Eye, in which it uses Iris and retina scanning face recognition, fingerprint scanning, hand geometry, finger geometry, palm, signature, voice recognition. These technique are been briefly discussed in this paper. Some of the future techniques in biometrics are DNA scanning, ear Shape, keystroke dynamic scanning, and vein check.

Download Bio metric Identification System Project Report.