A Study on Transformational Leader Ship at V Source MBA Project

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To understand  the factors with which these leaders exert influence   on team   members    and   measuring the team members satisfaction   with regard to their   respective team Leader. Sampling method used for this study is convenient sample.

One of the newest and most encompassing approaches to leadership, transformational leadership is concerned with the process of how certain leaders are able to inspire followers to accomplish great things. Transformational leadership emerged from and it is rooted in the writings of scholars such as burns (1978).

In this A Study on Transformational Leader Ship at V Source MBA Project report I found that there are several positive features of the transformational approach, including that it is a current model that has received a lot of attention by researchers, it has strong intuitive appeal and kit places strong emphasis on morals and values.

Transformational leadership: An empirical study of  Team leaders working

V Source

The objectives of this study are

To measure the leadership qualities of team leaders working a IT company

To understand the factors with which these leaders exert influence on team members

To measure the team members satisfaction with regard to their respective team leader.


The scope of this study is limited to team leaders working for software companies located in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.


For the purpose of this a sample list was prepared in consultation with faculty members and people working in the IT industry. Companies in the sample list consist: Wipro TCS, Infosys, V SOURCE, Infotech etc.,


Sampling method used for this study is convenient sample. A request letter was sent to all the companies listed in the sample list. However, with reference I received acceptance form
V SOURCE  only. Hence questionnaires were administered in V SOURCE.


In all 150 questionnaires were administered to the team leaders working in V SOURCE. Questionnaire was given to the Team leaders and I asked them to fill the questionnaire. As per the instructions of the V SOURCE HR managers V SOURCE  a collection box was kept in the premises of the V SOURCE to enable the team leaders to drop the questionnaires. After three days I personally went to V SOURCE to collect the questionnaires. Of the 150 questionnaires, 129 were returned. These questionnaires were removed from further analysis. Finally, 94 questionnaires were found usable with usable response rate of (63%)


•    After the data analysis I conclude that majority of the graduates males and females hold subordinates, trust, maintain their faith and respect, show dedication to them appeal to their hopes and dreams.

•    After the analysis it can be interpreted  that (44%) of the total female post graduates use appropriate
Symbols and images to help others focus on their work, and try to to make others feel their work   

•    Majority of the graduates(33%) are agreed to make others feel good around them once in a while.

•    I found that majority of the graduates leaders do not fell emotional attachment to their department that means they are not emotionally involved in their department.

•    I conclude that most of professional male shows the degree to which u will tell others what to do in order to be rewarded, emphasize expectation from their team member.

•    I conclude that professional leaders are let others do work in their own style.

•    Most of the leaders show interest in others well-being, assign projects individually, and pay attention to those who seem less involved in the group said they do not feel like part of the family at their department.

•    After the data analysis I conclude that most of female leaders providing recognition/rewards when others reach their goals and also provide others with new ways of looking at puzzling things.

•    I found that majority of the graduates leaders have complete faith among their group members.

•    After the analysis it can be suggests that most of female leader should provide feel good environment among their team members.

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