IRIS Scanning Seminar Topic

IRIS-SCANNING-SEMINAR-TOPICFor every county identity of person is compulsory in order to get control over individual. Different countries follow different methods for providing citizen identification numbers. Among existing methods like ID Cards or Social security numbers, Ration cards …etc very few of them are secured almost every method can be duplicated or forged. There are many cases where accurate information is not submitted for getting identity cards like age is not accurate…etc.

Considering these issues there is scope for generating new method like biometric cards which are more accurate and provides exact information of citizen. In this method authentication techniques used are more accurate which are based on physical and mental behavioral characteristics.

Biometric technology is an alternate method for existing system, using this technology validation of samples is more accurate and fast. This method uses physiological and behavioral characteristics of an individual for providing identification for a person. With this procedure there is no chance of fraud because person should present at the point of identification.

Bio metric identification is done in two stages firstly physiological, in this stage individuals face, finger prints, hands, eyes are scanned. In second stage behavioral information like keystrokes, signature, and voice are judged.

This system is called IRIS Scanner. This method is divided in to two stages.

  1. Enrollment module: In this module is a training stage where citizens should attend for enrollment.  Persons eyes, finger prints, hands , are scanned and template is created.
  2. Identification module: In this identification stage when ever person is checked his scanned information template is compared with enrollment template based on matching result persons identification will be confirmed.
download Seminar Report and paper presentaion  on IRIS SCANNING .

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